7 Aug 2018

7th of August 2018. Just another guy online looking for fun.

I am on swinging heaven looking for fun, the site seems a little more complex with the changes, but I enjoy the chatrooms and the stories.

It is 05:15, everyone else in the house is asleep, I awoke early, I am sat naked on the chair in front of my pc. My clothes next to me in case I need to get dressed quickly, either to meet someone ( very unlikely) or if I hear anyone else moving upstairs.

I have another site open and have added a post which one person has looked at. Guy in Wigmore/Gillingham. Anyone looking now, I can travel or accommodate if your feeling horny, I love giving oral, I am clean and discrete. I know a response is unlikely at 05:15 but I can live in hope.

I do get to meet people once in a while, which is great, but the summer holidays, with the wife and kids at home makes it very difficult. I keep trying to get the wife interested, but she still says swingings for pervs, her view not mine.

I tried getting it on with the mrs yesterday, she was a little tipsy. She nearly always has an excuse not to and even when tipsy i still had no luck. So back to wrapping my hand round my cock and wanking. waiting for my mrs to go back to work and my daughter to go back to school.

Maybe then my sex life will improve again after the summer. Will post more real stories that are more upbeat when things start to happen. In the mean time good luck everyone, and any tips on getting my partner interested in the lifestyle more than welcome.