Written by Jen's Hubby

1 Aug 2010

At breakfast on the third morning it was obvious that Paul and Debbie had been arguing. We were too polite to ask questions and gave them as much room as we thought they would like.

An hour later we all headed off to the beach together. We chose the same spot near the Marina that we had chosen the day before. No voyeurs today. Besides, there was no point with Paul and Debbie around. Jen would not be doing any flashing today. The morning passed in uneasy silence. Everyone just read papers, did puzzles or went for the occasional dip in the sea.

After lunch, we went back to our reserved loungers. The alcohol Paul and Debbie had consumed at lunch had loosened their tongues and reduced their decorum. The uneasy silence had erupted into a full scale row, with us and our ruined holiday as the focus. We may well have not been there as any interjection from us was ignored. So, Jen and I took off to a cafe we like in the Marina. Debbie, Jen and I are not big drinkers and so we just have soft drinks in the day. Jenny is a violent drunk and so of course it is unwise to get her beyond tipsy. Paul on the other hand is a seasoned drinker and holds it exceptionally well.

We weren't seated long when we were joined by Paul and Debbie. Although the arguing had been suspended, Paul was hell bent on getting everyone drunk. Jen and I chose soft drinks every time but he made sure Debbie matched him drink for drink. By the time we left the beach Debbie was staggering back to the hotel. Jen thought we would not see Paul and Debbie till the morning but I suspected he was hatching a plan. I kept my own counsel.

Paul arrived alone for the evening buffet meal. Jen asked where Debbie was to which Paul answered that she'd thrown up in the elevator and was going back to change. We said he should go and make sure she's alright. "Oh! Fuck her!" he retorted. Jenny made me go to check her while she berated Paul.

I found Debbie slumped in the elevator where Paul had left her. The sight and the smell of booze filled vomit down the front of her pastel pink evening dress and on the floor had forced other guests to use the other elevators. One of her White, high-heeled sandals prevented her from being taken from the ground floor. I took a deep breath of fresh air, kicked the sandal from the doorway. The heel of which had broken from the door's constant attempts to close. The door closed and we were taken up. The lift stopped at every floor up to the fifth floor and I had to use the sandal to stop the lift going any further while I got Debbie up and out of the lift despite her protestations and requests to be allowed to sleep. I scooped up her sandals and managed to half carry, half walk a very drunk Debbie. It was a very staggered journey to their room. I sat a now very apologetic Debbie on the floor while I searched for the door card in her purse and opened the door.

The room was a mess with clothes and underwear strewn over the beds and floor. They hadn't pushed the twin beds together as we had. I picked Debbie up and lay her on the bed with yesterday's underwear on it which was obviously hers.

I was just about to leave when I heard her, "Steve?", "Can you help me out of this?"

I went back to the bed to find her feebly trying to pull the zipper on the back of her dress. I pulled the zip down and pulled her dress down to reveal her small but perfectly formed breasts. I went to the bathroom and returned with wet and dry towels and began to wash the stain of vomit from her chest. She giggled at this and I watched with interest as her nipples stiffened and grew. They must have been an inch (2.5cm) long.

"Do you like my boobs Steve?"

"Yes Debbie, they are very pert and firm"

"I liked what you did to them yesterday" she added. "I was being playful Debbie" I reminded her. Before I was able to pull the dress over her hips she grabbed my left hand and pulled me to her right breast. "Do you really think they're firm?" she begged. I took the invitation to feel both breasts and gently squeezed her nipples. "Yes, they are very firm and you have extraordinarily long nipples" I concluded. "Sensitive too!" she informed as she pulled my head down to them. "I think Paul likes big tits like Jenny's!" she mused. I closed my lips around her right nipple.

As I flitted from nipple to nipple sucking, squeezing or lapping I was aware of her sobering up. I also became aware of vigorous activity at her vagina. Her hand was several fingers deep into her vagina and she was rubbing against her clitoris with the heel of her hand. But that was not what caught my attention. Contrasting greatly against the pastel pink knickers was the bushiest mass of bright Ginger pubes I'd ever seen. I'd always believed she was either blonde with dark eyebrows or blonde dyed brunette.

I was transfixed. I moved off the bed and down to her legs. She had taken her fingers from her wet vagina and was stroking her clitoris in circular movement. She stopped and raised her bum while I pulled her dress off letting it fall to the floor. I then pulled at her tights (pantyhose) and her knickers came with them. In one quick movement she was naked and laying peering up at me as I surveyed the strange sight before me...curly blonde hair, dark brown eyes and eyebrows, two dark aureoles the size of £2 coins, inch long nipples that stood as proudly as any erection and untrimmed, bright orange pubic hair. All of this contrasted wildly with her near White skin that I had never noticed before. "Well?!" she interrupted, "Are you going to kiss it, lick it or fuck it?!"

I knelt at the foot of the bed and then slowly kissed my way to her gaping pussy. I stopped and looked at it and it brought to mind a photo I'd seen of pussies made to look like bearded faces. I pushed the thought away and buried my face into her "beard". She started to push and buck into my face as she came. She pulled my head up to kiss me but the smell of vomit was too overwhelming and I chose to kiss her neck as my cock kissed at the opening of her vagina. Before I could push she had sucked it in like hungry quicksand. I slowly withdrew and thrust forward again intending to set a steady rhythm but she had other ideas. Her hands came down hard on my butt cheeks and she thrust up to take all of my cock. She wanted fucking hard and fast. The stench of her breath and the thought of Paul coming in the door to find me fucking his wife was making it hard for me to cum but she had come to another even louder orgasm. I had to pull out and turned to take her doggie style. Last night's black lacy knickers were stuck to her back. I removed the knickers and dropped them to the floor. I moved to take the fuck position when she stopped me, "No, no, no" she said quickly and pulled my cock into her mouth and started wanking the shaft and sucking. She was good, very good, much better at it than Jen. This was great! I was fucking her face like a man possessed and she was loving it. I was just about to fill her mouth when she pulled her head away. She nodded toward her bum and just said, "Now".

Ok?! I thought, she wants it in the ass. Jen hates it in the ass. She was still on all fours when I moved behind her, held her hips and pressed cock against her rusty sheriff’s badge. "No! In my cunt!" she ordered. I relocated and pushed my cock hard and fast into her eager pussy, my balls bouncing hard against her clitoris with each thrust and she returning my thrusts with equal intensity. I was squeezing her firm B cup tits and pulling on those huge nipples like they were reins, she was shouting, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fill my cunt!" She could feel I was about to cum. She pushed hard against me as I pulsed my load into her. She kept the pressure on while her vaginal muscles sucked on my cock until she'd taken every drop. "You can go now!" she announced. I got off the bed as she fell onto her side and wrapped herself in the top sheet.

A strange thing to do, I know, but I picked up the towels and the clothes I'd removed and dropped them on the bathroom floor. Before I left I looked back at her lying in bed. She turned, stared me in the eyes as sober as could be, "I needed that!"

"You'd make a much more beautiful redhead that you do a blonde Debbie!"

She laughed gently, "Paul hates red hair but loves my ginger cunt".

I checked my watch; I'd only been gone half an hour. I stank of vomit and sex so I went to our room, took a quick shower and changed. I went rejoin Paul and Jenny. The elevator had been cleaned but a faint smell of vomit still lingered.

I thought about my time with Debbie and filling her cunt! Jen would never use language like that. She even has a hard time using the word pussy.

I smiled, smugly; I've left a reply in your mail box Paul. I stepped out of the lift...