Written by Rockin Bob

28 Mar 2018

I notice that quite afew remarks in the comments on this site, tend to deride the validity of a person who has alarge well endowed penis, of over 8" in length" and wide girth. Well i am one of thses people, of no fault of my own i have been well and truly endowed with a penis when full erect easily pushes 9" and has quite a girth to it. Some people may say " lucky you " or other words to that fact, but whilst it is fine and great to have such an endowment, and the vast majority of ladies enjoy receiving it and the pleasure it brings them, at other times it can be awkward and embarrassing, because it is not an object that can be easily hidden or disguised.

After giving the matter plenty of thought, I have decided to reveal an incident that took place in March of last year. My name is Robbie and I am married to Sandra, I'm 40 and Sandra is 10 years younger, her mother Audrey is only 15 years older than me, at 55. She is quite attractive, with auburn hair, nice legs and a fair pair of tits that jiggle when she runs or laughs, I've quite fancied fucking her for a few years. She has a" flirty type " of personality and is quite broad minded, I've had agood feel of her arse more than once, with no detremental reaction from Audrey except a little jiggle of it and a sly look and smile after, she's married to Ted. They live in a 5 bedroomed house about 20 minute drive from us, god knows why 5 bedrooms as there is only the two of them these days, Ted is a Senior Financial Director for an International Chemical firm and tends to spend quite afew days abroad in meetings etc.

Well, one Tuesday evening, I was sat at home wqinding down after a very strenous company meeting with a glass of wine, I'd had my usual shower and was " slobbing out " tshirt and shorts, lounging on the sofa, Sandra was away in Sweden for the week on business conference calls, when there was an incessant banging on the front door.. I got up and very warily opened the door, to find Audrey, stood there in quite a state, crying and leaning against the door jarm. I fully opened the door and said, " What the hells the matter Audrey, come on in " she brushed past me into the hall, and placed an overnight bag on to the floor. I loked out expecting to see Ted , but only saw her car parked at the side of the house. I turned back to her and said, " Where's Ted ? " She turned round and between sobs said, " Don't talk to me about that bastard, I've left for a fe days, he can bloody well cope on his own, I've had enough ". I said, " Come on into the lounge and tell me what's happened ". I sat her on the sofa and said, " Sandra's away in Sweden all week, so I'm there's only me here, but I'm a good listener, now tell me whats happened.".. Well it turned out that they had been having words for a few days over a dinner they were due to attend, some fancy upper class thing at a nearby Country Estate, the home of some friend of Audrey's, Ted didn't like them and was being awkward, until eventually he had deliberately re-scheduling one of his trips way to include the date of the dinner, leaving Audrey on her own. This had festered and brewed up with Audrey for days, eventually leading to a blazing row, which had gone on for the last two days. Audrey said, " I've left him until he apologises, he can go and stew, can I stay here for a bit ?" " Yes, of course you can " I said. " Right now calm down, and I'll make a brew ".

When I came back from the kitchen I gave Audrey here brew and sat opposite her on an easy chair, she was still sat on the sofa, whilst chatting away, I noticed that she was wearing a very nice business suit, with a white blouse on under neath , open at the kneck, and what looked like tan stockings and black stilleto type shoes, in fact she loked quite fuckable and my cock started to feel the same way, I could feel it hardening, as I was only wearing shorts, it was very embarrassing. As we chatted and Audrey settled down on the sofa, she kicked off her shoes and surled her legs under her, doing so revealed a flash of white suspender, holding up her nylons. After about half an hour,she said, " Come and sit over here next to me, Robbie, it's more comfy than sitting scrunched up in that chair ", I didn't want to say I was scrunched up trying to keep my erection under control. I stood up, and started to walk over to the sofa, fatal!!, my erection was clearly showing through my shorts, I tried to hide it with my hands, no chance, Audrey looked up at me and smiling said, " Have I done that to you/" pointing at my erection, , I rasther sheepishly , said, " Yeah ", "welll don't hide it, let me see it, come here infront of me ". I stood infront of her and, she very quickly gripped the top of my shorts and pulled them down to my knees. With my cock being released it sprang out to it's full length and almost hit Audrey in the face, " oh my god, " she gasped, " It's abeast, I've never ever seen on as long or thick as that , I bet you keep Sandra happy ?" |She sat there just looking at for acouple of minutes, looking up at me said, " Can I touch it ? " By know I was real hard and rampant, " Go ahead " I said, to my utter shock and surprise, she leant forward and gripping the top of my cock, pulled the foreskin down, and started to lick and runn tongue around the head, she opened her mouth, but was struggling to get the full girth of my cock in it. Instead, she started to stroke my cock up and down, up and down, smilling up at me and saying, "Oh god, Robbie, thats enormous, how can Sandra take it ? ", " well she can, easily now ". Suddenly she stopped stroking me, an unfastening her jacket she dropped it off onto the floor, next she opned her blouse and took it off, revealing and very nice pair of full rounded tits in a lovely lacy bra, standing up, she quickly divulged herself of her skirt, revealing a white suspender belt and matching white panties. By this time I wasn't worried about it being my mother in law, I just wanted to fuck this gorgeous, mature sexy lady infront of me.

In my haste I pushed her back down onto the sofa,, " Hang on tiger " she said, " take your time, don't rush and spoil it " and with that, she raised her bum and pulled her wshite panties down over he knees and kicked them off. I was by this time completely naked with a raging big erection. She looked up at me and, quitely said, " Ohh Robbie, fuck me with it, fuck me " I moved to between her legs and started to very slowly rub my cock up and down her slit, from top to bottom, all the time Audrey wa saying, " Oh yes, oh yes, that's lovely, oh god yes, oh my god, yes, yes, don't stop " I gently moved my hand to her pussy, it was soaking wet, I inserted two then three fingers up her and started to work her pussy, she wa screaming and writhing like a wild animal, suddenly my fingers where covered in a guch of warm wet liquid and Audrey lay still. I looked down at her, her eyes where shut and she was breathing deeply. I Said to her, " are you ready for it, you sure you want me to do this to you,?" Quite sharply she said, " Yes, shut up and fuck me with that beast " " O.K " Isaid and very slowly and gently started to push the head of my cock up her cunt. I had managed to get maybe six or seven inches up her, when she gasped and foze, " I stopped and said, " You alright ?" she replied, " Yes, give me a moment, I'm not use to such a big cock, and it's stretching me, let me get use to it " So with that I lay still with my cock inserted up her, gradually moving it backwards and forwards and slowly but surely getting the full 9" up her. When I had the full length up her I said to her, " how do you feel?" " Full and stretched more than i could have ever imagined " "o.k then, " and started to move faster and faster and faster, until I was really ramming my cock up her. Audrey was screaming and writhing under me, meeting my downward thrusts with her pelvis thrusts, " Oh fuck, that's good, oh my god, Robbie, fuck me, fuck me you bastard, harder, harder" I could feel my spunk building up in my balls, when all of a sudden, Audrey screamed, " Yes, yes, I'm there, god Im comimg, Robbie I'm coming" and gripped my arse cheeks into her, locking her legs around me at the same time. With a grunt and gasp I emptied my spunk all the way up her, and collapsed on top of her.

After a few mintutes, we gained our breath and with a nice plopping sound my, by now flacid cock flopped out of Audrey. Leaning over, and kissing me, she said, " Thank you, , thank,you, that was wonderful, I've never ever been fucked in my life like that before ". I looked at her and said, " It wasn't to big for you then ? " " No , not eventually, it frifghtened me at first when I saw the size of it, but you were fantastic. I know two of my lady friends from the golf club would be very interested in tasting that " and laughingly flicked my soft flacid cock.

That was the first night of a very eventful and sexy week with my mother in law, which turned into a loving and sharing relationship with a circle of her mature lady friends. But more about that at a later date

Hope you enjoyed it.