Written by honeyhole69

16 Apr 2013

I had been married for a couple of years, my Husband had his own Business and had to start travelling abroad for some of his work ,sometimes for weeks at a time. I had just turned 2o yrs old,i have long blonde hair, am attractive ,nice figure topped with 36E boobs which look bigger as I am also slim which seems to attract the men's eyes to me.

A male friend of mine from work was chatting to me at work and mentioned a certain Adult chat site, asking me if I had ever looked at it, i said no I hadn't as he told me to take a look. I went home & as Hub's was away I logged on for a browse, i soon found myself signing up to join the site.

I had a look the site a couple of days later to see I had a few replies to my advert, I did reply to some of the mails I had received and began chatting with a couple of guy's during the evening. I found one guy (Rod! i have changed his name ) very interesting and he sounded very nice and very easy to chat to, we chatted for the next couple of nights & he sent a photo of himself telling me he was old enough to be my father as he was 48 & I sent him one of me, he told me I was very attractive and loved chatting with me, he asked if I would like to meet him sometime.

As we chatted I asked what his job was, he told me he was a Presenter/Reporter for a major TV company, when it suddenly clicked in my head that I did recognise him from the TV. He asked where I lived and would I be ok with him dropping around to see me next time he was in my area, saying of course he would contact me first before coming around as my house was just off the beaten track I didn't have to worry about nosey neighbours.

I told him that was fine or he said we could meet at a hotel and he would pay for a room I told him I was ok with either choice. A couple of days later Rod rang me to say he would be driving by later that evening & could he call in about 7 pm I told him it was ok & looked forward to meeting him , I showered & got changed in readiness for his arrival just after 7 pm he rang the bell I opened the door to let him in as he pulled me to him and with me on tip toes as he was over six feet tall we had a lingering kiss.

I took his hand to lead him into my lounge i made us a drink we sat opposite each other across the room, as we chatted he complimented me on my figure & my outfit I was wearing saying I looked even lovelier in the flesh. I began to relax in his company & leant back in the chair, I noticed my mini skirt had moved upwards to show off that I was wearing stockings, I glanced at Rod to see a bulge forming in his trousers as he told me he loved my blouse I was wearing as it showed my boobs off at their best as I had worn a black see thru blouse.

I got up & went over to sit next to him on my sofa, we kissed again I undid his shirt slipping my hands inside to feel his chest & down to his waistband to undo his trousers, meanwhile Rod had been sliding his hand under my skirt & had been rubbing my clit & pussy thru my G-string. My hand found its way into his briefs & even though he had told me the size of his cock I was still surprised when I tried to wrap my fingers around his cock & found it was so thick my fingers couldn't meet.

We both slipped down onto the carpet, I knelt up pulling Rod's trousers & briefs down & off as I did I remember shouting Oh Fuck! as his cock sprung up, I told Rod its so big! , Rod laughed & said you will soon find out how big it really is! Sara !

I stood up over his chest, my feet either side of him, I undid the skirt zip as Rod reached up to pull it down along with my g-string off my feet with me stepping out of them, he held my g-string rubbing his thumb over the wet patch.

I dropped back to my knees rubbing my pussy & arse over & against Rod's huge cock coating it with my wet juices as I bent down to kiss him as his hands rubbed my boobs & ran over my body. I moved down his body until my head was over his cock I licked along his cock feeling his bulging ball sac with my fingers, I looked up at Rod's face as I opened my mouth to suck on the head of his cock, stretching my lips wide to fit around Rod's thick cock .

I coated it with saliva, then moved my body over Rod's huge pole, Rod held my waist as I lowered my pussy down onto his cock feeling his cock stretch me until his balls rested against my arse. I began to lift up & down on his cock with Rod holding my waist, I kept telling Rod its so big & hard inside me he smiled as he said so do you like my 9 1/2" cock then Sara.

I said no I love it Rod!, I rode him up & down as my juices oiled his cock his hands were feeling my boobs , his fingers in my mouth as I sucked on them & he rubbed my clit with a finger making me cum making his cock slick with my cum juice. I kept riding him harder my juices running down his cock till I was begging Rod to fuck me telling him he was so much bigger than my hubs & I just want him to cum, please cum! ,oh cum!, I want to feel you cum inside me Rod!

His breathing became ragged as he said here it comes Sara!, here's my cum filling your lovely, tight, young cunt, I fell forward as I had cum once again kissing his face telling him he was the best. We lay there me on top of him his cock still inside me we kissed & talked to each other asking me if I wanted to do this again, I told him Oh yes Rod I do want you again! he said well I want you again Sara.

I did roll off of him & bent down to kiss & lick his cock clean for him as he asked me to sit on his face so he could eat my wet pussy tasting our combined juices, we eventually dressed as he said he had a hours drive home from my house.

As he went to walk out the room I called him he turned around to see me bent over holding my ankles my pussy & arse on show for him, before I could move he had grabbed me pushing me over the back of the sofa, I heard his zip slide open as he held me down my face staring at the sofa seat as he held his cock pushing it all back inside me again.

He was not messing about now as he thrust in & out of my still wet pussy, his cock was growing bigger and harder by the second & after a frantic fucking session lasting about 10 minutes it seemed much longer I had cum twice more as Rod filled my pussy with his cum. He put his cock away leant over pulled me to him to kiss me slapped my arse saying hope to see you soon Sara!, leaving me there with his cum dribbling down my legs as I waved him good bye.

I have more to tell if you would like to hear let me know ,I would like to hear any comments you would like to make xxxxxx Sara