Written by Fiona-guy

5 Aug 2012

We had met before for watching and being watched, but this time the rule book went out of the window!

Our first actual threesome - continued

...............It was at this point that Richard lost control and began to lower Fiona’s cami top and stroke her lovely little right breast. Fiona began to make noises and the camera in my hand was shaking in a way which always makes us smile when we replay the videos!

Richard’s hand then pulled the left hand cami strap down so Fiona’s breasts were both on view; he caressed them as Fiona moved her mouth up and down the full length of his very erect cock. All the time Guy was encouraging the action whilst wanking his own hard prick - he then suggested we move to the settee.

Richard sat down with Fiona on his right, at this moment he was completely naked but Fiona still had her panties on, which were very damp! Again Fiona took Richard’s cock in her mouth and while caressing his balls started to tease the tip with her tongue. Richard afterwards admitted how hard it was trying to judge how much touching he was allowed to do, but he started tracing his fingers down Fiona’s arm, across her back and rubbing and pulling at her nipples. Guy told her to sit back and let Richard give her some proper attention.

Richard saw that as the green light and quickly found her neck with his lips, kissing and moving down across her shoulders to her nipples which were aching to be sucked. Guy could see that Fiona was getting very turned on and instructed Richard to remove her pants. This was done swiftly and for the first time that evening Richard saw Fiona’s glistening cunt, again because of the ‘no touching’ rule that had been in place at the beginning of the evening Richard was unsure if he would be able to explore this delight! All this time Guy had the camera pointing towards his wife and this relative stranger, who were obviously getting each other more and more turned on, yet he didn’t feel too jealous and found himself extremely turned on by the action he was witnessing.

“Play with her cunt, Richard,” suggested Guy. Richard didn’t need telling twice, his finger found her swollen lips and they were soon caressing Fiona’s moist pussy. He pushed two fingers inside the labia, past the swollen clit and into a place he never thought he had the chance of being at the beginning of the evening. Fiona moaned with pleasure, she was getting so turned on through the physical contact and also the mental stimulation: the thought of Guy watching her being finger fucked by another man really had her juices flowing. Fiona was lying back revelling in the attention she was getting and subconsciously began once more to stroke the inside of Richard’s thigh – just feathery light touches and the electricity between them was obvious.

Guy’s cock was now so big and swollen he didn’t think he was going to be able to hold out much longer.

Richard lent forward finding Fiona’s erect nipple which he licked and sucked, rolling his tongue round and round feeling the firmness and driving her to new heights of ecstasy. Richard moved his fingers out of the way to let Fiona take over and it didn’t take long for her expert fingers to bring herself to a delicious climax: Guy filming and Richard watching. As usual once Fiona has experienced one climax she is greedy for more and slowly pushed Richard back on the settee and knelt down in front of him. When we watch the video the look on Richard’s face is priceless; he runs his fingers through Fiona’s hair pulling her locks to one side so Guy can get a good shot of what was happening.

Richard then suggested Guy should fuck Fiona from behind; this was our first spit roast! Guy put the camera off and came round behind her; she was gently sucking Richard’s balls whilst he wanked.

More to follow

Fiona was now in the prime position with her bottom raised up invitingly. Guy felt her buttocks, caressing them lovingly and then slipped his very hard cock into her tight cunt. Richard held her shoulders making sure she kept her head and body low so both men could get the best of her body.

More to follow .........