Written by Paulrcouple

2 Aug 2011

We put a add on sh about meeting people in Llandudno for some fun three weeks ago well just got back after two weeks. Had about ten couples and singles who wanted to meet us swapped phone numbers spoke or text each other every thing ok but nothing happened.

The three couples wanted the male to meet us first and the next time she would be there we don't know how many times we have been told that we would have met them on there own if they had told us the truth.

Three out of the Severn turned there phones off or never replied to our texts so that left four spoke to them all arranged to meet them two nights running they did not look like there photos and were a lot older than what they said.

Then one night a young lad turned up yes we were in three of his friends turned up it was only his local pub so that put an end to that.

So the next night we met the last one had a couple of drinks he went to the toilet and never came back.

We all get bad luck but ten in a row must be a record on sh.

Well back to our hotel there was a gym sauna steam room and a pool it was for guest only

6 till 10 in the morning and 10 till what ever on a night. Then after that it was open to the members of the club guest could use it all the time and you had to were trunks when members were in.

The first time we went it was busy full of beef cakes pumping iron and full of steroids.

We had a swim and then into the sauna there was just one guy in he was on the top shelf i sat on the bottom shelf and Jane got on the top opposite him we started talking he was staying at the hotel.

Jane asked him if it was ok for her to pull her costume top down to her waste he said it was fine with him but they may be a complaint from the members i will chances it she said. We just talked for a bit nothing much then he got up and said he had had enough and went.

We could see a couple come walking to wards the sauna Jane pulled her top up they came in we went out to the steam room

Jane said he had got a hard on and was stroking it over the top of his trunks and smiling at me you had your back to him you could not see him we had a swim then back to our room ended up fucking and talking about him.

He was in the bar that night with his wife and another couple he just smiled but did not let on we herd him say he goes to the pool about the same time in the afternoon he kept smiling at Jane and they got up to go he winked at Jane i clocked that.

We went the next day at the same time it was very busy full of kids it was raining we had a swim then into the sauna he was there but there was other people in Jane sat opposite him but did not pull her top down Jane looked at me and winked i saw her look at him two or three times and lick her lips. He got up and went as he came past me i could see he had a hard on it was straight up nearly to his belly button.

We went straight out into the pool and back to our room talked about how we were going to get him while we were fucking.

Same thing again all four of them in the bar they seemed a funny lot his wife looked as if a good fucking would do her good.

They were talking it was there last night he made a point saying he was going for his last swim and a sauna first thing he was looking at Jane as he said it we left the hotel bar and Jane winked and smiled.

Jane said how many times did he say there is nobody in the pool at that time.

We got up had a wash a cup of tea cleaned our teeth put our robes on and went to the pool just us two we had a swim then we saw him walking in the gym he had a shower then into the sauna we followed him in a short while he was sat on the top shelf Jane sat a cross from him i sat on the bottom we spoke a few words i glanced up wards i could see he was wanking slowly.

Jane opened her legs so he could see her shaved pussy he got down went over and buried his head in Jane's pussy he licked her for ages i got hold of his cock he knocked my hand away and said he was straight.

Jane got down gave his cock a suck sat on the bottom shelf lent back and told him to fuck her his cock slipped in with know effort he did not last long he pulled out and went i got straight up her that feeling of another mans spunk in your wife its just like silk it did not take me long to cum

We put our robes on and went to our room in the lift a big blob of cum plopt onto the floor. Jane got her rabbit and fucked herself while she sucked my cock i wanked all over her boobs.

We had a shower and went for breakfast the four of them were sat there but there was only one of them smiling