27 Mar 2016

You may have read part 1 where my new young neighbour had come round during the night scared stiff at noises she had heard in the house, well this is what happened the next evening....

She came home from work around 4pm and I was already home and stood in the kitchen when I saw her come home and get out of her car in jeans and a jacket, I called to her and she came to the front door, I asked if she was ok and she said yeah she was, I invited her round that eve for dinner and a drink or 2 and she said yeah ok about 7.30 if that's ok, my reply was instantly yes and that I would cook us dinner.. She turned and said thanks see you in a bit and walked to her door.

That evening at 7.30 I heard her front door shut and then my doorbell ring and when I opened it there she was stood in the little denim skirt that I remembered her in from when I went to sort their alarm out, she walked in and kissed me the moment the door clicked shut, we walked into the kitchen and she asked what we were having and when I said steak she said mmm love that with a good red wine and promptly pulled the Bordeaux from the wine rack.

The steak was lovely and as the wine flowed we were sat asking questions of each other, It turned out she was 23 and that her boyfriend was 31, to which I said oh you have a thing for the older guy then, she giggled and said 'absolutely I love the older guy and how they know how to use their cocks too'

My mind went straight back to the moment I had her naked in my bed that morning and I blurted out good because my older cock loved how it felt in you this morning, her response was instant and she said good because I want it again!

I said well I'm glad to hear it and its good to see your in that little denim skirt from before, her reply was well that's not all I have on from that night, she got up from the chair and came to sit next to me on the sofa and kissed me and said it's almost 10 shall we go up to bed? I replied yes and took her by the hand and ked her up to the bedroom.

we sat on the bed together and kissed lips to lips then as they parted tongues darted between our open lips and hands wandered over each of us, my hands on her breasts through her top and bra while her hand was on my cock through my jeans.

I lifted her top and exposed the red bra that I remembered her wearing and she looked straight into my eyes and said yeah now you know which panties I have put on too for you. That was it my cock was instantly harder knowing she had on the red knickers under her little denim skirt, I reached behind her and unclipped her bra and it fell off her shoulders exposing her gorgeous firm breasts and her large hard nipples, I looked straight at her and she offered them to me, I lowered myself and took each one in turn into my mouth sucking on them as she moaned and played with my cock through my jeans, I ran my hand up her thigh till I got to the hem of her little skirt and felt the bottom button, as I unfastened it she undid my jeans and slipped her hand into my shorts taking hold of my throbbing hard cock, I heard her say I hope your going to give me more of what I had this morning and I looked up and said your getting plenty of that tonight..

She smiled and said that's ok by me, I undid the next button then the next and as each one popped open her thighs parted a little more, with 3 left fastened I ran my hand between her legs and felt the fabric of her knickers and a moistness on them, she moaned again and I slipped a finger into them feeling her smooth pussy was wet for me, that was all we needed and she leant forward and took my cock in her mouth sucking on it hungrily, I undid the last buttons on her skirt and it fell open exposing the frilly red knickers I had first seen her in, she looked up and holding my cock in her hand said I know you wanted to see them on me again well there you go and I want you to fuck me in them too.. I didn't need telling twice and as she laid on her side with her head by my cock she took me back in her mouth while I pulled the frilly knickers aside to finger her wet smooth pussy and licked on her smooth clit, she opened her thighs more and moaned and moaned as she came on my fingers and over my tongue feeling her contracting her pussy round my finger, that had me even harder and soon I was ready to spurt into her mouth as I moaned and said I was about to cum she just looked up and grinned as she took my cum into her mouth and swallowed the lot, we laid on the bad together with me naked and her in only the red knickers... we held each other for some time and then started again me with my hand down the front of her knickers rubbing her dripping pussy while she was wanking my cock, I looked at her and said I want to fill you again, her response was instant and she laid back and opened her legs, I didn't need asking twice I was straight between her open legs pulling her knickers aside and rubbing my cock against her clit till she moaned and came again, all I heard was shove it in me please and that was it I plunged my cock deep in her dripping and pulsing pussy, feeling it fill her deep and the pulses of her pussy contracting round my cock, slowly I fucked her till she said harder please and faster and that was it.. she needed me and I sure as hell wanted to cum in her again. I pounded into her and finally I spurted deep into her and she looked up at me and said hope I'm getting some more later.

My response was obvious course you are and as I slipped my cock out of her she pulled her red knickers back into place and said I don't want it running onto your bedding yet I want it in these knickers for when I go to Canada.

We laid together again under the duvet and kissed and cuddled, she looked and said I want you again and when I felt between her legs the knickers were soaking with cum, she said take them off this time please and take me however you want, I pulled the knickers down and said get on your knees then and she just smiled and said oh yeah... and with that she spun round and knelt down face down into the pillows with her arse in the air, I parted her thighs and arse slightly before pushing my hard cock against her dripping pussy and slowly pushed into her pussy again and with a little whimper she accepted me into her pussy again bucking back against me to match my thrusts, within minutes she was squirting her cum on my bed and moaning that she was cumming, I was right behind her when I let go deep into her filling her with cum again and all I heard her say was that's how I always wanted to cum with him but he couldn't get me that close...

we collapsed on the bed with my cum flooding out of her and she just held me saying can I stay again please.

Of course was my reply, when ever you want.

It was another month and a half before her visa came through and we had numerous nights together.. will tell you about them another time.