Written by Jason

22 Jul 2012

Tesco-waiting in the check-out queue, was idly watching the very mature lady unloading her trolley. Bending down to retrieve the last items, her loose scoop-top fell open to reveal a lovely pair of breasts restrained by a pink low-cut bra. I must have forgotten my manners, as she looked up and said "Nice view?" I started to blush, but the naughty man in me replied "Absolutely gorgeous!" She smiled, then dealt with her bill while I unloaded my trolley. As she put her purse away and collected her groceries, she said "On your own?" I said I was..."Come and have a cuppa.." Nice, mmm, sounded a promising invitation. She moved off towards the caferetia, where I caught up with her. She was sitting with a gent about her age; husband? She spotted me and called me over-"This is my old man, Harry-I told him you liked my tits!"

Well, I did'nt know what to say, but far from getting up and clocking me, Harry asked me to come and sit down. "Don't worry old mate, Janice here having one of her randy turns and needs a feller-she rather thought you might be interested!" One look at Janice's face revealed an eager twinkle which I knew well from the early days of my own marriage..."Ok, sounds fun-do you live nearby, I don't have too much time at the moment."

10 minutes later, having followed them home in my car, I was ushered into their bungalow. While Harry unloaded the shopping, Janice pulled me into the front room and unloaded her lovely breasts, her top and bra off in seconds. I kissed, massaged and fondled her lovely big, floppy boobs, then kissed her fully on the lips. She was pulling my shirt out of my shorts, so taking the hint I used one hand to unclip and unzip them, allowing them to fall to the floor. This left just my pants and sandals, and I felt her hands exploring inside, massaging my bum before working round to my cock.

Harry then appeared with a videocamera-"Mind if I film...we like to watch our own videos." The exhibitionist in me responded enthusiastically, and inspired me to play to the camera! Within a minute we were both naked (Harry still dressed) and on the setee exploring each other's naughty bits. Having moved away from her tits, I was now licking my way down Janice's belly to her mound of venus, sill covered with whispy hair, then down to her prominent clitoris. My cock had, in the meantime, been robustly wanked to full erection, her hands pulling at my shaven balls.

I was'nt going to last very long in this situation, so adjusted my position, kneeling on the floor with my cock out of reach and set to to give her cunt the best licking I could produce. I clearly hit the right buttons as she was soon moaning and writhing, and I could feel her getting quite wet....no saliva needed here!

Then she took off:-twisting round she presented me with her lovely fat bum and wet cunt and ordered me in...seconds later I was fully immersed in her fanny, pounding away with those lovely sloppy sounds. Harry was moving round to get the best shots as we fucked.

I knew that my endurance was limited, so said (or rather gasped) to Janice that I was nearly cumming. Her respnse was sluttish..."Just fill my cunt with your fucking cum, you bastard..." So I did...I have no idea how much spunk I shot inside her, but it seemed more than usual, and I was able to keep thrusting for a couple more minutes before I slipped out, shattered and in need of a rest!

But Janice was'nt finished...as I half-sat, half-lay on the setee, she straddled me and started to squeeze out my cum from her cunt, dripping it on my chest, then rubbing it all around. Soon after Harry brought me a cold beer, taking sips while I continued to play with her tits. She later tried to revive my flagging cock, but to no avail...at my age repeats are just a distant memory, but she understood, admitting that Harry's medication had done for him years ago, and why he was happy for her to host the occasional man she fancied.

After a relaxed chat I dressed and left, but with an invitation to "pop round" whenever I needed to admire a nice pair of boobs and catch up on their home-made videos. Just sometimes, life 's rewards!