3 Oct 2018

Hopefully you have read the story about my first date with Angel (thats not her real name) but sexually and for adventure, she is definately an Angel. I dont know where she lives, all we have is each others email address and each others phone number. Very exciting.

So around a week went by and Angel and I hadnt set up a second date, well more to the point she hadnt set one up with me. As fas as I was concerned, she was the boss. Not sure if she thought she was the Boss but she had me in the palm of her hand (and she did in fact hold me many times in the palm of her hands, but those are other stories)

So the second date. Well one night I heard my phone beep and sure enough it was my Angel. The message simply said ‘Keep Thursday evening free- Wear Something Smart, Wear a Shirt, and nice aftershave. You and I have an appointment from 7 o clock onwards. More detauls to follow. – That message came through on the Monday, and by Wednesday I was told the place to meet, and the time to be there. It was a well known eating place. One of those who advertise on TV quite often and so I wasnt sure why I had to dress smart. Thankfully I didnt look like James Bond, but I wasnt a scruff either. And neither was Angel.

She arrived at the ‘eatery’ a few minutes before me and was sitting here eating food and drinking a drink. She had also ordered food for me which was fun but a little unusual. However it wasnt long before I realised that we werent there for the food.

She leaned over and said to me ‘Have you been here before?

‘Ive been to one of these before, but not this particular one. Have you?

‘No, but I checked it out before you got here’

She then ran straight into the next sentence before I could even get a change to reply

‘If you go downstairs…..the bathrooms are down there. Unisex bathrooms’ Go into the first one on the left, lock yourself in. and if the rest of the bathroom is empty. Text me’

‘Erm Okay’ I responded. Sounds interesting.

‘It is, said Angel. Providing noone sees me go in there and we dont get thrown out.

Im going to suck your cock until you cum, and your going to let me swallow every drop of you. Deal?’

‘ I didnt say a word because I was ..a little stunned, as you would be. But I do remember being able to nod a couple of times, before Angel said

‘Ok…now go’ and text me.

I got up, i walked down the stairs, past a couple of people who i swear gave me that ‘You are going to hide in a cubicle with a woman arent you’ sort of look, which of course they werent, but it seemed like they were. Yet I still carried on walking.

Finding the cubilcle with thank you god was empty. I locked the door and took my phone out. Was this a test? Was this a joke? Would she actually expect me to text her and would she show up when I did. I guess there was only one way to find out.

The text must have taken a few minutes to get through to Angels phone, but she enough, on the other side of the first cubicle door, came a knock which I answered.

I let her in and then quickly shut the door, making damn sute it was locked. Strangely enough there was enough room for two in that cubicle. Just about…but there was.

So did Angel keep her promise?

Oh hell yes.

Without saying a word, but saying it all in smiles, she pushed me down to sit on the loo (lid down I might add) And slowly got to her knees. Unzipping my pants, she spent easly 15 minutes teasing the fuck out of me with mer tongue, her lips and her mouth. each time I got even close to letting out a groan, her hand covered my mouth. Her mouth never stopping from taking me right to the edge, but not letting me leap over. I cant even put into words how wet her mouth felt on me, her tongue running up and down my cock, her hand wanking me gently yet forcefully (hard to explain) as I got harder and harder, and wetter and wetter, the tip of her tongue lapping up my pre cum each time i felt more eject from me. Angel was certainly a woman not to break a deal and before long, and my hands digging into her hair. I could not stop myself from cumming, as I came….Angel pressed her mouth deep onto my cock deep throating me as I pumped my cum into her head. She was swallowing every drop just as she said she would. I was drained and this goddess…she was the one who drained me. She only stopped sucking me when I began to go flacid. I couldnt cope anymore with her skills and my cock was giving up the ghost. Once my cock was done, she still make sure that she took every drop, pulling my foreskin back and licking my hole- not leaving any drop of spunk undiscovered.

She shen got to her knees. Wiped her mouth. smiled at me and said ‘lets go’ Oh and by the way. You might want to splash water on your face. You look like youve just been cock sucked in a cubicle to completion. She then left the cublcle and went back upstairs.

When I got back up there (after splashing my face with water, as id looked like id just been cock sucked to completion in a cubicle), she had gone.