Written by toxx

8 Aug 2014

We like to appear to be the every day ordinary married couple, which I thing we do get away with, I think the only difference you could say is we do take a number of short brakes in europe and they could be any where not jest the long weekend in Spain our friend some times say why do we go to funny places that don't sound like holiday places We say we don't like tourist places that much, we like to get away from all that and see new places, the truth is we some times see not much more than the inside of a house or hotel room we are not tourists we go with the purpose of see some one we have meet on the internet because Sue my wife thinks its not safe to do what we do here incase some one finds out about what we get up to

Sue and me have both been married before so we on the second time round, I think that is why we are so open minded and truthful with each other

I have always known Sue could be lets say quite free with her favors that was why her married broke up, she was quite open about telling me she had a few affairs when she was married and her ex only found out when rumors stated get out and people talk she thought she got a bad name from the gossip, that is why we keep this a secret and go abroad it has another benefit Sue don't get to involved it is keep to jest sex,she is the sort of woman that seems to always had a high sex drive and still has, I think she always need other men to keep her satisfied she alway maintain I satisfy her but I know if it was jest me she most likely be looking for a bit on the side, like she did with her ex husband

So what about me, what we are doing is what I always wanted to happen with my ex wife but as far as she was concerned that was out of the question and plus I have always been a bit of a voyeur I spent time trying to watch couples at it out side and yes I do get a kick out of it, so what we do fill both are needs and most likely keep us together

So let me tell you about one of our trips we have taken, it usually starts off with Sue looking on the net it can be a few sites much like this one, she choose or pick either a couple or a singe man, then they talk by messenger then emails and when she made her mind up it be on the phone, I be party to all this and once that is all done it be me to book a flight and hotel what ever is needed, we live near Stansted airport its about a tenner in a cab, so its easy-jet or another cheep carrier

The trip I am going to tell you about was to Berlin I got it on a three nigh city brake deal fly out Friday afternoon and home on Monday

We arrived late in the afternoon, on the way to the hotel Sue got a text asking if we had arrived, she texted him back telling him we had and arranged to meet him in the hotel bar at eight, I said his keen Sue smiled his only young, he was, he was twenty a student, the pictures we seen of him he looked very fit I wouldn't of said he had a huge cock it was a good size one it had a big mushroom head on it, I had joked he be rely fertile she said I am not ready yet , she was thirty eight I think at the time she had said she like a baby but wasn't ready for that, I have had a vasectomy and we had discussed using some one to get her pregnant but we need some one that looks like me and he didn't at all look in any way like me any way she have to be off the pill some time I thought and it most like take a number of attempts to knock her up

In the bar he was there at eight on the dot, I have to say he was a handsome sod,we talked for getting on for an hour, I then said to my wife what do you think she nodded

She has always got the chance to say no,so I said okay we go up to our room, in the lift he didn't say much nor in the corridor going to the room I swiped the key and I let them in first, well it was minuets they where half naked rolling about on the bed snogging

There wasn't that much foreplay before he mounted Sue on her back and my Christ once in her did that lad go she cum almost immediately with his meat going in her, the boy fucked her at a hell of pace for ten fifteen minuets non stop I could see he was near at the same time she started to have what seem like a strong climax and he cum with that

When it was over, he said sorry he cum so quick, knowing Sue and the way she looked she was hot she was sexed up and would need more, then I looked at his limp dick dangling there, I wondered if he could perform again I was glad to see after a rest and a snog it stuered ten minuets later he was sporting what looked like a good stiff dick

He went into her on her back again, he fuck hard and long this time, then rolled her over she ended up straddling him bouncing away to get herself off which she did from there he took her doggy style the room filled with a slapping sound as he fucked her he lasted a good ten minuets like that before given her another load this fuck had lasted a good half an hour Sue had climaxed a number of times one had been a multiple climax which do happen some times when she high on cock and not had any but mine for a time and it been a couple of month since the last time so she really need this, to be honest I did as well when I had cum some had shot up the wall

He left us jest after three not before he fucked her again, after he gone I was licking her pussy a very wet and full pussy, what we like to do is Sue tell me how it was for her how it felt describe what I cant see or know this has the effect of getting her off with my licking and always get me hard which it did this time some times I ride her some time she suck me off this time she lay on the bed with her mouth open and I wanked shooting some in her mouth some over her face then a suck to finish me off

We got up quite late, almost the first thing Sue did was try to text the lad no nothing I told her he may still be in bed she tried later the same this went on all afternoon into the evening, it was obvious to me he had his fun with an older woman and that was it

In the end my wife was thinking the same, so skip a bit what we decided to do was have something to eat and go out but where we got a cab and said bars clubs he got the idea and took us to the right area, the idea now was to get Sue picked up and fucked by a stranger but how it was going to be that easy

We when in a couple of bars no interest at all, my wife was mow getting pissed off

We when in a club and got rip off at the door, any way the place was full it looked a more likely place, we had a drink and stood there no takers,I said its me being here that put them off, she wasn't to happy to be alone, I told her I stand back its dark and I keep an eye on you, so I did that, not long later a bloke started talking to her he went off then another and he left, so I got behind her and said whats wrong she said I don't understand them, as I stood there along came a guy he spoke in German Sue said English and he said yes a little, I went back and they seemed to be getting on he danced with her got her a couple of drinks then more dances they looked like they where getting on okay

It must of been two hours later maybe longer, I watch as they found a table they chatted for another hour,I could she he was getting more intimate by putting his hand on Sue's leg and touching her when he could, she was given as good as she got, so I thought we see I went over and said hello darling, the bloke looked, I said you have meet my wife, he started to say sorry I butted in saying you are fine I don't minded please carry on, I did get a funny look off him,then he smiled and said are you bring your wife I nodded, are he said your wife here to see men, I said yes if she likes them, are very good he went husband man bring wife to be pleased I nodded, he asked if we lived there I said no hotel, are good I to come with you he asked, I said yes,so he understood

So not long after that the three of us where in a taxi going to the hotel,he wasn't slow he was soon kissing Sue in the cab, in our room Chris was talking to us he told us he was a swinger and knew exactly what we where after,he said I will do for you, we had to smile at his English some of things he said, it didn't take long and he was stripped off I am sure he was proud of what he had got well I would of been, he wan't over long but it was bloody wide he had a really fat cock, I can tell my wife knew when she had that inside her he opened her up it stretched her pussy more that it been stretched before, he hadn't got the energy of the lad but he got stamina and staying power, he fucked Sue long and hard, she said afterwards the shape and with really got her off she had climax one after the other

He was different to the others we had meet, they jest fucked her and I would watched but it was like when he was about to cum he said I close get ready, and when he did cum he pulled out holding Sue's legs up saying you next, I took his place Jesus was she loose I cumm in seconds then he said go down I did, it must of been to much for my wife she was bucking and twisting on my face I looked up he feed his cock to her she was trying suck it as I made her cum, we never done any thing like this before none of the other men would of entertained this

Chris managed to rid my wife again that night and he left me eating his creampie, he asked for a phone number which we gave him,Sue said that was the best fuck she had and I found it very be involved like that,it was a turning point for us

On Sunday afternoon we got a call from Chris he asked us if he could pick us up and take us to his home which he did,he told us he didn't expect what happened last night to happen, he was out in the club and if he had of known before hand we could of come to his and he could of had some friend there, he asked how long we been cuckolding we had to admit we din't look at it that way it was more some thing that we started doing from our fantasy and we liked it, I explained we both been married before and Sue had always played the field having affairs, so when we got together we decided we be honest with each other and we started doing this together

They started having another session and I was watching, now Sue had longer cocks but this one really did do it for her, she told me it was the girth that made the difference she never been stretched like that before , he really did give her a good fucking that night

We flew home the next day, I have noticed since we been doing this my wife is a different woman going home she calm and relaxed she need the extra cock every few months she admits she likes being used sexually by men she hardly know and being away from home with out worries of people finding out is nice and all add to the excitement

When we arrived home our neighbour came round with some milk and asked how our holiday was my wife told her it was lovely we when round all the sights and really enjoyed it, and thought we go back, the neighbour said that is not the sort of place I would think of going to, Sue is very convincing when telling people about our trips

I knew how Sue would be now she be relaxed for a couple of months the she want more sex from me then she be looking on the net and it start again, it seems she need a really good fucking off some one other me about every couple of months or so I can see her need build up and I think it be fine as long as we keep doing it, I have told her to get a boyfriend close to home but she not interested I think a lot of it she likes different men we done for some time now and its not harmed us