Written by petantha

10 Aug 2014

we had been on the swinging scene about 3 yrs only having around 8 meets in this time, this is the story of our first threesome as i filmed and watched.the 2 guys arrived as arranged being met at the door by my stunning looking wife with me in the background introductions made we all went in to the living room

in the living room there are 2 leather settees a 2 seater and a 5 seater curved one, in front of the large TV screen to which i had connected the video camera .

we had a few drinks and then the guys settled in, my wife sitting in between the guys whose hands were now starting to caress her entire body watching the action as it was being shown on the large screen

my wife now completely naked was sucking the larger of the 2 cocks on offer as all three started to rearrange themselves on the settee the larger of the 2 guys lay on his back on the settee (a good 8"+ with a good girth)and my wife duly mounted him sliding down the full length of his cock sighing with satisfaction as 4 hands caressed her all over.

the second guy was now lubricating her arse ready for his cock to enter whilst watching the action on the tv (around 6" and not nearly as thick)then he slowly pressed his cock into her lubed up arse falling into the motions of the already pulsating fucking that was going on on the settee,great video in the making mmmmm after around 15 mins the fucking was getting very loud as the guys were ready to pump there seed into my wife's now gaping holes making sure that the action was being videod fo future reference i moved to the settee sliding my 6" into her last remaining hole just before my wife had the last of her numerous orgasms the guy in her pussy was starting to cum as the one in her arse was spent and watching the screen the settee was used and abused for another hour before the guys left with a copy of the nights action (not the last action it was to have )