Written by gardeninggirl

7 Feb 2015

Mondays through to Saturdays were days to be excited to go to work. From unlocking the shop doors at 9am to locking them at 5pm there was the chance and hope he would visit the store. Going to work was great anyway, being a peoples’ person, helping with advice came naturally, together with the business acumen it was a very fulfilling combination. It was a strange shop, it was long and narrow with display windows to the street, but having large floor to ceiling windows to the back too, a dimly lit walkway was outside and our emergency exit. But when this man first came into the shop a few weeks ago, my working day got a whole lot better.

My face instantly flushed on seeing him and my breath stopped, and I felt an unexpected twinge down below, he looked like he’d just walked off the cover of a fitness magazine, gorgeous! Blue eyes that seemed to lock with mine, his physique, well – broad shoulders and muscular arms, my favourite – definitely someone who worked out, his snug fitting t-shirt revealed the contours of his shapely chest falling away to a slim waist – I could only imagine how taut his abs must be. His jeans framed strong thighs and a tight butt, I was drinking in the vision long after he had left the shop having bought a fitness bar - banana flavoured . . .

So it became the norm to pay extra attention to my appearance in case of another visit, choosing nice sexy underwear which made me feel good, making sure my body was smooth and moisturised; hair, face, clothes all upped their game, I wanted this guy to notice me. He did, and the chemistry between us was so visible and tangible, people in store watched and commented on how good we looked together. He started to come in everyday, sometimes ringing first to check I was there, and he’d buy fitness bars, or protein drinks, or increasingly he waiting for me to be free so he could pick my brains on health issues – I’m sure I didn’t make a lot of sense because my senses were on full alert just wanting to feel his hands on my naked body.

He started to come in the shop morning and just before closing, hoping to catch me on my own. He started to give me a friendly kiss on the cheek as he left, which made my body race with lust and wanting. Then it progressed . . . I would lock the door having cashed up, and he would arrive, I’d let him in and lock the door. The lights were off but the shop was still lit to the front by the street lighting, the back of the store was darker with only the dim walkway lights making the shelves and freezers just visible. On this particular day he followed me to the back of the store, grabbed my arm, gently swung me round and gave me a full on, long, hungry kiss. His mouth firmly on mine, his tongue searching for mine, our minds entwined and we were both lost in the longest kiss, weeks had led up to this moment, both of us had been longing for the contact this kiss presented. As we slowly separated we gazed at each other, grinning and totally aroused.

There was an overall feeling of naughtiness, of danger, of excitement. We could be seen if someone walked by, and the thought of someone watching somehow magnified the chemistry. That morning I decided to wear a short black close fitting skirt and a sleeveless coral silk blouse, which complimented my bare tanned legs and arms, a black lacy thong and a black lacy balconette bra, which extenuated my small pert breasts. I took the initiative and slowly tugged at his thick black belt and unzipped his snug black jeans, they fell to the floor and his swollen big manhood was bulging under his grey cotton jersey boxers, he pulled his white t-shirt off over his head and stood there physically perfect. He came in and started to kiss me in a very erotic raunchy way, his tongue playing with mine, pushing in deep it was pure sex in the mouth. As he took control he started to unbutton my blouse, which quickly joined his jeans on the floor, my breasts now on view for him to see, he ran his finger along the edge of my bra and my nipples spasmed like erect buttons. He pulled up my skirt, his hand discovering what I had on underneath, and as he took a step back to take in the sight of me, he smiled as he saw my sexy thong, and whilst still smiling he came in close and ran his fingers inside the thong and slowly pulled it below my bum.

I knew I was gushing with hot inviting wetness, my pussy was throbbing with arousal, and the slow undressing with him taking time to absorb what he saw heightened the anticipation almost to an unbearable level. I reached forward to his taut body, noticing with the dim lighting his muscular abs, and they were as toned as I had imagined. I ran my fingers over them down to his boxers, I slid my hands into the back of them, running my hands over his butt and pulled the boxers down, unleashing his erect large dick. It stood proud of him, the light glistening on its round bulbous end, and I couldn’t resist, I bent over and placed my mouth over his manhood, I slowly pushed down making him groan, and I sucked long and deep, drawing in every bit of him I could into my mouth. Using my tongue to tease and flick, he flinched with pleasure, sighing and groaning, and placing his hands behind my head he pushed himself deep to the back of my mouth, almost gagging me. Time seemed to stop, we were so engrossed in the moment, it was blissful utopia, we had both been yearning for. He slowly drew me off and pushed his hand between my legs. I gasped and his strong hand manipulated my lips apart and entered his fingers into me. I was so wet, and he whispered in my ear how he had imagined this moment, and how he loved that I was so wet for him. My clit was erect and he started a rhythmical stimulating finger-fuck. In and out, I knew I would climax in no time, and he realised so slowed it down, and I clung to him feeling completely at his mercy.

I held his thick dick and started to wank him, showing him I too had strength, he came in close and pushed his dick between my legs, he rubbed in and out along my silky wet fanny. He push me backwards keeping his body attached me mine, and I became trapped between him and the freezer. He dominated the space and I was more than happy to yield to his strength and presence. He turned me round and bent me over the freezer, and with him stood behind me, I waited what seemed ages with baited breath for his next touch. He started to stroke my bum, sensually yet with a strong determination, he was fully in control, I waited . . . then he was in me, I seemed to have been too intoxicated by my level of arousal that I missed the entry, he was in me, full tight and deep, and it was all I could wish for. He slowly filled me in and out, with a hand lightly placed on my lower back, the other hand playing with my clit. He heard my gasps and groans and increased his rate and strength . . . he was fucking me with unleashed passion and lust, raw sex that was thrilling every inch of me. I could feel his balls touch my hypersensitive lips with every thrust. He started to groan and I could feel his body tightening, I braced myself and let the next level of our fucking engulf us. I started to climax I could feel me tightening on him, I knew I was about to squirt, the wave of orgasm swept through me, matched by him thrusting in so deep I couldn’t move and he released his come deep inside me. His body trembling ceased as he groaned; he leant over me, his hot body now resting on my back. I could feel his breath on my neck. We breathed deep and hard, our bodies rippling with tingling and sweat, becoming limp and our legs shaky as we come back to our bodies. With his hands either side of me, he slowly pushed his body up off mine, and slowly started to withdraw his manhood. As he did I felt his hot come start to trickle down my inner thigh. As I stood myself up, he turned me round, smiling he gave me a long gentle kiss, pushing onto my lips a bit harder for a split second before our mouths parted. I was gone, my body didn’t know how to move, and as my gaze moved to behind him, I saw someone walk by, had they been there all the time?

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