Written by Johnandanita

20 Nov 2011

i must say when my wife told me her sister was coming to stay with us i wasn,t happy but how wrong was I

anna came to stay for 3 weeks she was plump not my type but there was some thing about her may be it was becouse she looked a little like my wife her sister anna is 27 younger than anita ,

after a week i got to know her she was fun always coming out of her bedroom in short tshirts and knickers knowing anita was asleep ,one day i woke up early and not thinking went in to the bathroom , anna was in the bath i said god sorry and turned to leave she said i must have wanted something to come in to the bathroom at this time in the morning and laught

yes i said i wanted the loo , well go then she said i went to the toilet and started to pee trying not to look at her naked body any inches away from me , i heard her say mmm that looks nice and smiled saying i bet that pleases my sister i finished but instead of leaing i turned to her cock still out ,

yes she does i said mmmm i can see why she said and she stood up in the bath , i looked at her body like i said plump but seeing her breasts and her shaved pussy i started to get hard

she reached out and touched my cock that was it i went hard very hard i didnt know what to say i stood there her hand around my cock she lent forward and kissed the end of it before taking it in her mouth and sucking ,god im seconds i came in her mouth and she swollowed anita spits ,

she smiled and said any time you want more just ask i promise not to tell her and with that went to her room ,

there as been othere times after that if you want to know more ask me