Written by sp1derman

7 Oct 2011

This is a true story about when we had the wife's sister stay for a while. She has been divorced for about 5 years and asked if she could stay, while job hunting and looking for a new place, so she can relocate back to our area.

As we live in a one bedroom studio. It was going to be a bit of a tight squeeze, and it was decided that i would be the one to have the sofa bed.

The sister in law arrived, looking as fit as ever. She is 42, with medium sized firm tits and a cute little ass. She was explaining to the wife, that she was looking at a life change after losing her job, and being fed up with not having a man in her life.

That evening we decided to fetch a take away and a few bottles of wine. The wine started to flow and it became more obvious, that she was also looking for some cock action. The time ticked by and we all decided to go to bed. The wife and sister in law went upstairs, while i stripped off and got on the sofa bed, under a blanket.

After about an hour, i heard someone coming downstairs. Persuming it was the sister in law, i decided to test her. Pretending to be asleep, i pulled the blanket down a little, showing a glimpse of my cock! On the way back from the kitchen. She slowly lifted the blanket, taking a peek, before going back to bed.

The next night the same thing happened. Only this time time she gave my cock a litle rub, before scurrying off to bed. About an hour later, she came back down. I was still pretending to be asleep, only this time i had a raging hard on. My 7" cock was as rigid as an iron bar. The sister in law sighed when she saw it. She turned briefly to go back to bed, but i guess couldn't help herself. She walked back over, carefully pulled back the blanket, and began to rub her tongue over my now throbbing bell end! I think she was just trying to taste my pre cum, without waking me up. I guess the temptation was to much for her to bear, because with 1 little twitch of my cock, she had her lips wrapped around it, sliding down the whole length.

She walked around me, again taking my pulsating cock in her mouth and planted her now soaking, shaven cunt on my face. She tasted so good, whilst i flicked at her clit before driving my tongue deep into her. She knew i was close to cumming, but wouldn't stop and i exploded down the back of her throat. She then leaned back writhingaround on my face, before shuddering to an almighty orgasm.

She got up, pulled the blanket back up, and licked her lips. Casually walking towards the stairs, she turned towards me, winked and went to bed.

I am guessing there will be more to follow.........