Written by peter

12 Dec 2007

I have always had a thing for my wifes sister ever since i first met her, she is slim with blonde hair and a 36 d set of tits. As the story goes i have had many a wank thinking about fucking her senseless but sadly ( until last saturday) i have never had so much of an incling that she wanted it too.

On saturday night my wife and her sister ( lets call her rachel) went out on the town for a christmas piss up with the women of the family. after i had dropped them off in town i came straight home and had a very big wank as the sight of rachel in her mini skirt and boob tube sent me over the edge.

At around 11pm i was asleep on the settee when the phone rang it was my wife ( ceri) askin if i would be able to pick her and rachel up then take rachhel home it was fine by me. When i picked them up they were both 3 sheets to the wind sort of speak, as ceri had to be in work early on sunday she asked if it would be possible if i could drop her off first as rachel lived about half hour away.

After ceri had got in ok we set off to take rachel home, we started talking and as conversation goes we soon got round to talking about sex, she then went on to tell me how she was gagging for cock as she hadnt had any for a while, me being a smooth talker told her i was amazed that such a hot sexy women like her couldnt get laid, to this she put her hand over my crotch and started rubbing me through my jeans.

All too soon we were at rachels house and i thought this would be where it ends, she asked me then would i like to come in for coffee,

As soon as we were through the door we were all over each other ripping at each others clothes, i hitched up her skirt to reveal a red thong covering a neatly shaved pussy, within seconds i had my tongue up her wet slit licking her clit. she was begging me to finger fuck her, she was like a total slut doing what ever i wanted we moved into the 69 position and she freed my cock from my boxers as i tongued her hole and rubbed her juices around her arse hole.

She was begging me to fuck her hard with my fingers. soon she came all over my face and her juice was so sweet i was in heaven. I informed her i was going to cum and she just sucked harder swallowing every last drop. after about 10 mins she instructed me to suck on her clit again making sure i lubed her arse as she wanted my fat cock buried up there, in no time at all i was rock solid and soon buried up to the hilt she was screaming the house down begging me to ram her arse really hard, after about 5 mins i was cumming again. i shot my load rght into her arse. I then realised the time and told rachel i had to go before ceri noticed i was gone, before i left she kissed me passionately informing me she would be expecting a repeat performance very soon.

She is coming to stay with us for christmas, i shall let you know how it goes.....