Written by Jimmy_seaside

26 Aug 2009

I have been married to my wife Kate for over forty years now and we have always been OK in the sex department. Kate is a very sexy, buxom type of lady with big tits and a fantastic cunt that I love to lick out and make her cum. This she always does and usually we just shag after that so I can cum.

The thing is I have always had an overwhelming fantasy to shag her younger sister Thelma. Thelma is completely the opposite to Kate in that she is very slim with a nice trim figure and small tits but she just gives off this sexual aura that sucks me to her.

I am now sixty two and Thelma is fifty eight and the best I have ever managed with her was a quick grope of her tits while we had a necking session at a Christmas party many years ago. She was drunk and her Dad disturbed us and that was that. I have told her on other family occasions when I have been a bit drunk how I have to sort myself out (I didn't use the word wank) on a regular basis because she is my fantasy. She just smiles which even worse because it sort of says, well, if we get the chance I might let you; or ?

She is now married to Steve who, to put it kindly, is a bit of a nerd and would probably get more pleasure out of an electric train set than he would shagging our Thelma.

I know that in her younger days Thelma had loads of boyfriends and liked shagging and even mates of mine have told me of how she has given them a blow job. Although Kate enjoys me giving her oral sex she won't suck me off so what I wouldn't give to have the chance of putting my cock into Thelma's mouth and have her look up into my eyes while I shoot a load of spunk into her hungry mouth. Just me fantasising again.

Anyway, you guessed it. A couple of weeks ago I had my chance and here is what happened.

Every Sunday morning Thelma comes round our house for a brew and a chat with Kate and stops for about an hour. Last Sunday my daughter in law called round to see if Kate wanted to go shopping to the Trafford Centre in Manchester which is about 60 miles away and off they went telling me to look after Thelma and tell her she would ring her in the week.

Was she kidding? Look after Thelma? I wish. Anyway, Thelma duly arrived and she sat down at the kitchen table and as always I leaned down and gave her short brotherly kiss on the lips but in honesty because I knew I was safe I lingered just that second or two longer and I got an immediate hard on. I told her about Kate and her sudden shopping trip and she seemed to relax and look at me in a knowing way as to why that kiss had been slightly different.

I put the kettle on and as I got the cups ready she came up beside me and one of her breasts just grazed my arm and she said she would make the tea. I bent forward and gave her another kiss to thank her for offering to do the tea and her lips parted ever so slightly. It was then that my knees nearly buckled from under me as I realised that my fantasy was possibly about to come true.

I stood behind her and got the courage to put my arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck. She pushed gently back into me and my rock hard cock was up against her arse. When she felt how erect my cock was she started to push back even harder and so I started to grind into her and I nearly came there and then. She turned round to face me and we kissed passionately for the first time and it was wonderful. She whispered that we shouldn't be doing this but didn't back away and instead kissed me even more passionately.

As we kissed ever more urgently I started to undo the buttons on her blouse and felt her tits through her bra. As I mentioned, her tits were fairly small but the nipples were huge in comparison and stood out all ripe and beckoning and all I wanted to do was suck them. I lifted her bra up over her tits and started to suck and tongue them with a passion I had never felt before. She moaned aloud and said that was one of the things she loved most and I carried on concentrating on her glorious tits and then she gasped even louder as she came for the first time. "That's never happened before," she said, "coming from just my tits being sucked".

I started to kiss her again and then I couldn't wait any longer and put my hand up her skirt and down into her sopping wet knickers. I slid one finger into her wet cunt and she pushed against it so that my finger pressed against her clit and as I stroked it she pushed her hips forward and after a couple of minutes she suddenly held tight on to me as she came again like I have never seen a woman cum before. She gushed her love juices all over my hand and I had to hold her up for a few seconds while her orgasm subsided. She was still for a while and I took the opportunity to lick her cum juice off my hand and it tasted great.

Her hand now went to my cock and she started to rub it through my trousers. It felt fantastic and I asked her to take it out and wank me off. This she did and released my throbbing, aching cock. She remarked that it was a nice one wasn't it? I am not massive in the cock department but I am not small either, probably a thin 7". She gently started to wank me off and I knew I wouldn't last long and when I told her I was about to cum she immediately pulled me over to a kitchen chair and sat down so that my cock was level with her face. She took me fully into her mouth and it was the most amazing thing to see my cock being sucked and licked by my sexy sister in law. Her eyes looked up at me as her head started to bob up and down on my cock. I couldn't last any longer and I told her I was coming and she sucked greedily on it. She took me from her mouth and let the first wave of spunk spurt over face. As soon the hot creamy spunk hit her face she quickly took me fully into her mouth again and just held it there and sucked and sucked and I nearly collapsed from the thrill of it all. Wow!

My knees were pretty wobbly and I said to her that as long as I had known her all I wanted to do was shag her and I wasn't going to let this chance go. She said, "I have a confession to make and that I have fantasised about you fucking me every which way but when but coudn't see it ever happening after all this time. Now that we have come this far I want you to fuck me." I had never heard her talk dirty before and my cock started to come to life again.

I took her by the hand and we went into the spare bedroom and we both got undressed immediately. I asked her to lie there with her legs wide open because this is what I had imagined as I wanked myself off for all these years. She did as I asked and opened her legs wide. Her cunt was surrounded by a thick bush of hair and the lips were showing and still glistening wet from when I had fingered her to such a shuddering orgasm a few minutes before. As I looked at her I started to wank myself off because this was now my living fantasy come true. She parted the lips of her cunt with her fingers and I started to wank myself faster and harder Thelma smiled at me and I could see this was a real turn on for her.

I didn't want to risk coming again in case I didn't have anything left to shag her with so I knelt between her wide open legs and started to lick and kiss her clit and swollen cunt lips. She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me into her. She was now streaming with juices and I licked and buried my face into them. As I licked her clit I put my thumb inside her cunt and let my fingers stray to her arse. My fingers were wet with her juices and I gently inserted one finger a little way up her arsehole and the other hand reached up and played with one of her enormous nipples. She started to moan louder and louder and she had another shuddering orgasm that brought more love juice flowing from her cunt. "Fuck me, fuck me please," she cried out. This was it. I stood up and slipped my cock into her sopping wet cunt. She was so wet that it went straight in to the hilt and she gasped and started to buck and thrust herself forward onto my cock. I fucked her really hard now and it was unbelievable to see my fantasy coming true. I just looked at the scene of me fucking my sister in law and her crying out for me to fuck her harder. I wanted to make it last because it might not happen again and so I fucked her as hard as I could for about ten minutes. I wanted to cum but didn't want it to end. Thelma started to orgasm again but this time she was beside herself with ecstasy and I thought she was going to faint as she cried out so loudly it was almost like she was in pain. She was sobbing now from the emotion of it all and I had stopped fucking her without coming myself but I still felt wonderful. We were both in a right state with her juices all over us.

She knew I hadn't come but she said her cunt was now too sensitive to let me fuck her anymore but you can fuck my arse if you want. With this she just bent over the bed and I went behind her and tried to enter her arse. I was covered in her love juices so I got my knob end just in and slowly worked it in until I had a good length of my cock into her arse. I now desperately wanted to come so I started to fuck her arse ever quicker. She turned round slowly and looked at me and smiled as I fucked her tight clinging hole and my orgasm started to erupt and my cock was buried up her arse almost to the hilt and then I had the most amazing climax and I shot my load of spunk first up her arse and then I withdrew and shot the rest over her back. It was so great and I rubbed my sticky load into her skin whilst I kissed her back and took in all the smells and sights of our long awaited fuck together.

We were both spent but she took my slowly softening cock into her mouth one last time and sucked and licked it clean. I kissed her gently and thanked her from the bottom of my heart for such an experience. She just looked up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes, winked at me and said, "Everything comes to those who wait."

I don't know if it will ever happen again but I don't think anything could be as good as that first time. Maybe she will give me a wank or even a blow job from time to time if we get a few minutes together. Thanks Thelma, it really was worth waiting for.