Written by max

2 Sep 2008

Our normal babysitter Jennie(18) was due to sit for us while we went to stag and hen nights respectively.

As it was the wifes sister that was getting married the wife had booked a weekend in Blackpool for 12 girls, the soon to be brother in law was just drinking around the local pubs.

Friday night came and Jennie\'s mum phoned to say that Jennie was unwell , so couldnt come and sit.

I must have sounded so dissapointed on the phone that half hour later the mum(Julie), phoned to say that if i didnt mind she would come and sit, but could only do so until midnight, as she wanted to be in bed by then....well I jumped at the offer and 20 minutes later Julie was in my front room getting aquainted to the two kids, I made my excuses and left them to it and went off in search of the party.

The night was going well but I kept my eye on the clock, and at 11.30 made for home, none to worse for wear.

When I turned the key in the door all was very silent, so I crept in and Julie was asleep on the sofa, and wow was this the lady I had left to babysit.

Maybe the drink was talking but all of a sudden there was this gorgeous 38 year old blonde, with a fantastic pair of tits bursting out of her low cut button front dress and little white thong in full view where the dress had ridden up her legs and what an arse too.

Consious of the time, I touched her arm to wake her, she opened her eyes , smiled and said what time do you call this and reached out and pulled my head to hers and our lips met, and her tongue was darting straight at mine as her hand was now rubbing my groin and what can only be described as the hardest my cock has felt sice our youngest came onto the scene. her other hand was unbuttoning the rest of her dress and when i broke from the clinch I saw a fantatic body, tits to die for big nipples, hard and at least an inch long and just the tinyest thong covering what seemed like a completely shaven pussy.

I stopped and pushed her away to ask what was happening, and she said she had told me that she wanted to be in bed by midnight and she meant with me and apparently Jennie had set the whole thing up cos she new I would give in and give her mum a good fucking to remember.

I wasnt about to let her down, and the wife being away until Monday....A result.

I pulled her up and kissed her playing with those great tits , teasing her nipples then pushed my hand into the front of her thong, to feel a hairless soaking wet pussy that just wanted my meat inside it.

Julie went onto her knees and undid my jeans, and let out a gasp when she realised I was commando and very quickly took my shaven cock deep into her mouth, fuck me could she suck cock, and very soon I was holding the back of her head while I fucked her mouth until I felt my jiz explode into her mouth and she swallowed the lot and licked me clean.

She looked up and said thats just the first course, took me by the hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom.............