Written by dell

7 Dec 2013

After getting home, I think shock sat in for some hours, it was the next day before I took it all on board, what I had seen, in a way I didn't believe it but it was there I had it on my lap top my wife with George in his house his bedroom and to top it all another man with them, I am not joking it was still hard to believe, I watched it a number of times there was enough effect on me as much as I didn't want it to happen I got aroused watching it

A couple of days later I went back to George's house and had another look round I didn't find any more small disks and there was only the DBD'S but a locked drawer so could of been more in there maybe in a wardrobe was the camera and tripod in a small case a carry on bag was a load of sex toys as well soft ropes hand cuffs a leather hood a belt straps a silk whip and other things at one end with his closes was on hangers some women's closes the bask Jill wore with two more and very sexy dress blouses all her size and hanging on the rail was two canes under them was some shoes all high heels and boots a pair of thigh boots all her size again, in another drawer was a lot of women's underwear more lingerie very sexy thing

I then thought about them being away and what they may be up to,it was almost week now and one more to go, I had a brainwave I went to there office, the girl at the desk knew who I was I asked for the address of the hotel they where staying in saying Jill had asked me to post some thing over to her, she found out what it was, at home I phoned it I explained I need to post some thing to Jill Right and what was the room number they didn't know then a man came on the line and said she in room 96 its book in Gorge Philips name I said no I didn't need his room number he then said no she in thee as well okay I said thank you, I looked on the Internet and found the hotel it had its own wed site

That was almost as big a shock as what I found out here nudist beach massage play rooms it went on about swapping open sex other things and where it was it was miles away from any town business sales trip bull shit, that night I got a call from Jill I don't know how I spoke to her she ashed if I was all right I told her I had a could I asked what the hotel was like she told me boring its full of business people all talking business and she said she had to go they had to meet a client soon I said jest one,she said I think there be four of then this time George arranged it so it be a busy night, I said must be a job looking after them together,oh she said we manage got to go and get ready bye, I went back to the site and looked at the comments, there was things like grate hotel fab time, lot of lovely couples really good time fantastic groups there never a dull moment thing like that and there was lots of them saying thing like that

All that made me worse and when I was talking to Jill when she said she was meet four but called then clients I knew that had nothing to do with business I started to get hard again Christ that is weird I should be angry or jealous I had been at first, I went back to George's and got the DVDS loaded them on my lap top I spent the weekend watching them and wanking myself stupid

The next week I was thinking what should I do confront my wife or not I had all evidence to do that, it was should I or not trying to make my mind up, do I have the bottle it could mean divorce

It got to the day to pick them up they where getting in early afternoon I found myself on the way to airport not sure what to say or do, they arrived I was there George shock my hand say how good of me to meet them Jill hugged me say how are you I missed you

Driving home George said your wife's worked hard she been at it almost none stop its not jest the day it can go on very late into the night, I thought yes a very hard time I bet

she spent a lot of time on her back legs open, Christ it weird them two are playing it as normal a business trip, how many time must they done that to me

I noticed George had a new camcorder with him I asked if he got over there he said no it not a lot cheaper there, so I got it here it a lot better record time on it than my old one better all round

I dropped him off gave him his key back but I had one cut, I let him carry his case this time, as where going he said to Jill you must be exhausted get some rest

One the way she said how tired she was I was on the go almost ti last minuet, she did go to bed very early, it was Sunday when we got up Jill has always been conservative with me and around me I don't see her naked much I had gone downstairs I went back up and she was in the shower she never noticed me she left the door open I looked in she was shampooing hair so had her eyes closed I looked at her she had bit marks on both breasts marks on her thigh and what could of been a bruise on the other but it was more on the inner thigh her publics had gone she was shaved, she turned

with her back to me there was faint lines going across her back her bum was marked a lot wales over the cheeks she got the sum a nice tan George looked like he did as well so not all work in fact Jill didn't have any whit bits at all, I left before she spotted me

When she came down she was her loving self very sweet and normal all day, that night she went in the bathroom and came and out in a nightdress in bed I tried my hand and got a NO she was still to tired

Next morning she went to work, so did I that evening she was completely normal once more I made approach for sex this time she said she started a period so I would not trouble her for a week I am sure that was to make sure and marks where gone

We had dinner with George on Friday he was telling me now well the business trip went and how good Jill was and would it be okay with me if he arranged another one given the bull about having a home life and shit like that, I said no I would be fine I asked where it may be to he said there is a special one in Germany they could go to also they come up in Holland the only sales pitch they did was to me

I work for myself so I get time to do things also they don't know when I at work I like them to think all the time

My wife is mid way in a period so I am told, on the Monday I drove pasted there office about lunch time both there cars where gone I phoned the office asked to speak to Jill no she out all afternoon then asked for George no he was the same, I fund the cars at his

house, after that she started going out it went back to how it was and each time her car was at his, it was almost three weeks before I had sex and to say the lest Jill wasn't very interested she only did it for my sake I am sure, I was looking at what I had on my lap top a lot now and wanking over it I was also getting jealous of George and an ganger was building in me, that was going to lead to a confutation