Written by jane

25 Feb 2010

As I told you in my last story how keen I am on horseriding, it had been my passion since I was a teenager and eventually went to the stables to learn properly. The retired jockey who taught me was a good laugh telling us tales of his days in the racing world some very risque. I did notice that he paid a lot of attention to the older ladies who were learning and I am sure he had a lot of romps in the hay with them. The older I got and became more competent of course I was allowed to trek around on my own and of course after each trek was very very horny. I found if I rubbed my crop along my fanny the roughness of it soon gave me an orgasm and I started to insert the tip in and fuck myself with it well mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

One day I was making my way back to the stables when I met the retired jockey he had taken one of the horses to the field and was walking back when it began to rain I said jump up behind me you will get back quicker. As we rode along the movement brought him hard against my bum and I slowely felt his cock harden against me. The rain was pouring down and we were geting soaked but this was one ride I did not want to stop. As the stables came into view his hands went to the reins to stop the horse and I leaned back into him. His hands undid the top of my jodphurs and his hand slid into my panties and he started to frig my clit his hard cock pressed against my back, it didn`t take me long to cum. His breathing was harsh in my ear I think we have to get of this horse and find somewhere dry, his hand still down the front of my jodphurs we went into the stable, he slid of the horse leading me into the stable block luckily there was no one about. As we unsaddled the horse he said the next bay is empty and I went in taking of my wet things and lay on the hay. A few minutes later he joined me crop in hand. Open your legs wider I did and he teased my tits with the crop drawing it down to my fanny flicking it round and round making have a huge orgasm. He stripped of he did not have a big cock but as he thrust it into me and he started to ride me it was enough, I wrapped my legs round his waist and my hands griped his bum my finger nails digging deep harder and harder he rode me my orgasms flowing over me and with one last thrust his hot spunk filled my pussy. I had been fucked a few times before but my orgasms had not been that intense. Of course being the greedy slut I am I wanted it to carry on but I knew someone could appear at the stables soon so we got dressed. He asked when I was due at the stables next and he said he would make sure he was there and free. We met up quite a few times and he took me to a few parties where I was introduced to the horsey set and their very no holds sex sessions. He was a great rider kept me very happy for sometime the horsebox saw a lot of action.

Well writing this has made me very horny but I will be geting my ride soon as I am meeting Alan who I mentioned last time he wants us to try??????????? maybe tell you about this if it happens.