Written by June

18 Mar 2015

I thought I would tell the story of how my hubby Rob and i got into swinging. It all started afew years back Rob and I had been together for 5 years, 2 married. Typical mid twenties couple great sex life and a few fantasies which we sometimes acted out. You know the kind sexy outfits, workmen coming to the house and shagging the horny housewife. We had talked about how we would feel if we saw each other being shagged by other people and although we had not acted on it, the talk always got us horny and we fucked saying we were so and so.

It was Saturday football season started Rob and his 3 pals at the game, he phoned to say they were coming back to ours so I ordered pizza and got some beers from the fridge. It was a right laugh and after the pizzas were eaten Rob gave me kiss thank-you. the guys all shouted get a room and to be honest wanted that room as as Rob pressed against me he was nice and hard. His best mate Mark said I think we should all get a kiss and I gave them a peck on the cheek except Mark who pulled me close pressed himself against me and i found Rob wasn`t the only one with a hard on. I went of to the bed-room lay on the bed and slid my hand down my jeans finding my clit to flick, the thought of 2 men with hard ons was making me wet. Rob appeared in the room saying hey sexy starting without me, he laughed saying they will be gone in a half hour we are just watching something on the telly. I lay there easing my finger into my slit thoughts going through my head of being fucked by two guys at once. I shuddered on a mini orgasm and then I jumped up stripped of put on a loose top and a short ra-ra skirt no panties.

I went to the living room which was only lit by the TV screen, and I slid on to Robs knee and snuggled in. I turned his face towards me a gave him a deep sexy kiss, he looked puzzled, I whispered play with me, he are you sure. I said yes it is now or never and he went for it, his mouth all over my lips and neck, his hands under my top squeezing my tits. I let my leg fall and his hand slid up my thigh till her found my cunt and soon he was frigging me, his cock felt like an iron pole through his jeans he was so hard. I looked at the other 3 no one was watching telly only us with a look of wonder on their faces. Rob said suck me I slid onto my knees undid his jeans and pulled them to his knees his cock bouncing up to me and I sank my mouth down his shaft. The only noise in the room was heavy breathing and my mouth making sucking noises. I felt someone behind me and I tried to turn to see who it was but Rob held my head in place so I could not turn, first I felt a hand rub at my cunt a quiet voice saying so wet and then a cock sliding in and I was being fucked. As I sucked Rob I tasted salty pre-cum and knew he was about to spunk I brought my head up Rob was looking over my shoulder watching me being fucked from behind and with a groan he jerked off over my face and neck. Whoever was fucking me was only a second behind him and I felt hot spunk fill my cunt. I slid to the floor and on to my back Rob joined me kissing and caressing my face telling how much he loved me. He pulled of my top and the ra-ra skirt I was naked, and my cunt was throbbing. I felt hands on my knees pulling my legs apart again I tried to see who again Rob kept me down with kisses and soothing words and soon another cock was inside me, he only lasted a minute and another load of spunk joined the first load. I did not have time to take breath because no3 was there, he wanted to take his time rubbing at my slit poking at my hole, he then lifted my legs to his shoulders and I saw it was Robs best friend Mark. His cock pushed between my butt cheeks poking at my arse hole, I moved a little I had never been arse fucked he slid to my cunt and soon long slow deliberate strokes. Robs finger came to my back hole, we had done this before and I enjoyed it a dirty thrill, his finger went all the way in it seemed to keep time to Marks thrusts into me soon I was quivering with orgasms as Mark shot his load.

We all just sat or lay geting our breath back me shocked at what had happened but sooooooooooo satisfied. The other two guys quickly left leaving the three of us I stood up taking Robs hand and went to our bed-room, we lay on the bed touching each other Rob wanted to know if I was okay with things, me just let me get my breath back that was so, I couldn`t think of a word to describe it. We heard the door open and there stood Mark, when we did not tell him to get lost he came in and stripped of joining us on the bed. They both fucked me again and we fell asleep. I awoke later with a hand rubbing my cunt and a hard cock pressed between the cheeks of my arse slidding up and down, at first I thought it was Rob but I realised Rob was still asleep it was Mark. He pulled me close whispering in my ear he had a lot of wanks playing this scenario over in his head now he wanted to fuck my arse. He poked his cock to my arse hole but I struggled, no, I had never done that. He said after what I had done in the living room he did not believe me it would seem I was up for anything. To be honest I was geting horny again, I put my hand on Rob and he woke up and soon we were in a little threesome, Rob fucking me from behind and Mark on his knees licking at my clit. Well after that Mark went home and after a nights sleep Rob and I talked long and hard about what happened being very honest about things.

I realised I wanted more cock and Robs fantasy of watching was going to be fullfilled we went further afield to find partners but that is how it started, there is another part to the Rob Mark and I saga which took me by surprise will tell another time.