Written by TomJac

2 Feb 2014

It started out very tamely, we got a computer and I spent loads of time reading porn, then got into chatting with guys and a few women, but it was mainly guys like me that I chatted to. I have always taken pictures of my Jaci so it didnt seem so bad to let a few of the guys see what she looked like, not telling her though (like everyone else I guess)I convinced her to chat a couple of times as it turned me on watching her and someone else talking dirty. When the guys asked for her to show off a little she obviously was hesitant but became more daring as time wore on. I discovered she loved showing her tits off and encouraged her to do this every time we went online. I had continued to send pictures to websites and she found out they were out there for the world to see and although a bit first I got her to agree to let me carry on. By this time Jaci was a willing participant in giving sex shows to chatrooms, I had my own real life cam-whore. We had chatrooms with 40 or 50 guys watching her suck my cock and getting fucked on her knees in stockings and suspenders or dressed as a schoolgirl. I was in heaven, but like all guys I wasn't satisfied. I wanted to see her with another cock in her mouth and pussy. She was adamant that she wouldn't meet anyone though. It was a constant fantasy onf mine though and Jaci started to indulge me by telling me what other guys would do to her if she met them.... it was done just to excite me, and it did the trick big-time. I worked away about half of the week so used to access the web on my phone and various internet cafes and found myself chatting to an American guy, Bernie, who lived in the same village as Jaci and I. I'd never seen him before but carried the chatting on at home and eventually Jaci spoke to him, but had not seen him on webcam, although she had unknowingly shown off to him it was just a little tit show through her flimsy shirt. I found out that there was a village fete at our village and as the guy owned a sportscar and was going into the carshow there, I would take advantage of the show and take Jaci and let him see her in the flesh. We walked around the show and came to his car, I lingered and looked at the car, showing Jaci what it was like. Bernie told me to get in the car and get a feel of what it was like, then he told Jaci to get in the passenger side and I saw him looking into her loose shirt as she bent forward and getting a view of her tits, I felt a strange feeling in my stomach as he was looking at her body, especially as she was unaware of this (I think) The story can be continued if its not too slow or uninteresting. I am trying to convey a time element as well as telling what happened so the reader can appreciate my feelings at the time as well as what happened. So although I love the horny stories on here, when they are true I find them even more exciting. Shall I continue?