Written by TomJac

4 Feb 2014

We both dressed after Bernie said his wife would be home soon and he had to clear all the evidence of our games away before she got in. Jaci didnt bother getting dressed, she just put her long coat on and we went out to the car to drive home. Bernie opened the door for Jaci, thus giving himself a last look between her legs as she got into the car. He said dont leave it too long before visiting again. He remarked " Mind you dont stain the seat with your wet cunt darling" then smiled and walked back into his house. It seemed he couldnt wait for us to visit, he kept wanting us to put on sex shows for him via webcam and of course we did. The next visit came round eventually, He said to make sure Jaci was freshly shaved again as he wanted to taste her sweet pussy this time with his tongue and he wanted me to put his cock in her when she was ready. This only made my sub side grow into something I had never felt before. Jaci had already told me that she wasn't going as far as fucking him, but I was ever hopeful, as she hadn't intended to go as far as she had already. Our sexlife at home was better than ever as we would use Bernie as a common source of excitement. He wanted her dressed as a demure secretary, long skirt and a business shirt, but still the slutty stockings and heels and again no underwear. After I told Jaci of his desires, there was no objections made, she went upstairs and sorted through her wardrobes and when she came downstairs she looked so different. Very pale light makeup and the clothes showed nothing off. The shirt was thin but not see-thru, but Jacis nipples were showing as small protusions in the material. The skirt was calf length but a wraparound, she pulled the wrap apart and said will this be ok? I looked and saw her long legs encased in hold up stockings and no knickers again. God I really wanted to fuck her right there, but there was no time. So off we went for some more fun, with me hoping Bernie got the chance to fuck my wifes lovely bald cunt.... (We're getting there at last sorry its taken so long) (thats the sub in me apologising)