Written by The Mrs

30 Apr 2016

My husband had always had a fantasy of seeing me fucking another man.

Over the years we had always talked about it and made the fantasy part of our sex play.

At the beginning he would always come up with the names of men that are famous.

Eventually we got to the stage of fantasy with males we knew.

My husband was a sportsman and had no shortage of fit male friends so there was no problem for me to orgasm whilst either wanking or fucking thinking about these men.

Eventually I got a job as a barmaid and with my husbands encouragement I used to work in nice skirts tight t shirts and nice underwear.

Sometimes stockings sometimes bare legged.

On my return home from evenings working my husband would be in bed with his cock standing erect and encouraging me to tell him if anyone had tried to chat me up. or if anyone had been in who we had fantasised about.

Whenever I told him there had been we fucked and fantasised about the men I told him had been in.

After a while it got to the stage where I was coming home dying to be fucked by my husband who noticed how wet I was and asked me if I had been thinking about getting fucked while working.

My answer was yes. So he told me it was what he always wanted and if I got the chance I could fuck whoever I wanted but I had to tell him all the details.

He asked me if I would like to fuck someone with a big cock or an average cock.

I did not know what he meant as I said to him how do I know how big their cocks are going to be.

He told me that a couple of the men we had been fantasising about had really big cocks as he had played sport with them and communal showering was the norm.

After years of fantasy we had now come to the stage of actively looking for me to get fucked.

I told him it would happen in my time and not to try and rush me into anything.

It got to a stage on the weekend after work a few of the girls and men would go clubbing up town I told hubby and he told me to go with them.

When I used to get home husband used to fucked me stupid.

Eventually this led to me getting my first extramarital fuck with one of my husbands friends.

I got fucked outside. Which when I got home very late. Looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Husband was up waiting and when I got home a real guilty feeling came over me.

When he asked if I had enjoyed myself. I nearly burst into tears an told him it would never happen again.

He told me to calm down and don't feel guilty as we both wanted this and he wanted it most in the beginning.

Now that it had happened we could not make it change. And he was totally thrilled that I had been fucked.

He kissed me and loved me gently laying me back on the couch. Then he told me he would take my wet clothes off. I had not noticed due to the drink and of course my first extra marital fucking it had been raining.

He slowly undressed me down to my underwear and stockings commenting that I looked like I knew I was going to be fucked in my sexy underwear. I said I had been hoping his friend Roy was out as he had a bit of a fumble the week before.

He said by the spunk either side of my knickers it looked like I had gone a lot further than a fumble.

He pulled my knickers to the side and slid two fingers up me.

He said well that's full why don't you tell me how good a time you have had.

I told him about the fumble the week before but another friend ended up getting the taxi home so I just came home

This week Roy and me came out of the club early and found somewhere quiet. We started kissing and he was feeling me up.

I ran my hand over his cock area and he felt as big as hubby had told me. by this time Roy had two fingers up me and my knees were weak with excitement. Roy asked me to turn round and lean forward as I did he raised my skirt over my arse then he pulled my knickers to the side. My breast came out as I could feel his cock nudging my cunt.

I automatically opened my legs to except his cock. He slowly slid in. then started to give me the best orgasm I had ever had.

He continued to put more of his cock in till he was shafting me with its full size.

I was in a state of orgasm after orgasm as Roy pounded my cunt for a good half hour before putting the largest spunk load up me I had ever had.

Husband was thrilled and climbed on top of me within minutes adding his spunk to Roys.

My first but not my last.