Written by Specslover

1 Nov 2018

Reading these stories takes me back many years to our first public show.The now wife and I were invited to a 21st Birthday bash! She was dressed in a short mini skirt,knee high boots,sheer glossy tights and white body.We were accompanied by my mate upto the venue and should have been coming home together.During the night as the drink started to take its toll we were standing positioned to the side of the bar but in full view of many sitting at tables,talking to fellow friends.I couldn't help but notice how the young 18 year old girlfriend was getting quite intoxicated. At some point she went off with her mate and on her return her tights were missing.When asked she said she'd laddered them and so had removed them.I was a bit pissed off/jealous at this, due to the VERY short skirt,but also found myself getting aroused as she was getting a lot of looks!Standing there we started to kiss and I'd soon got my hands on her arse under her skirt,I didn't realise how erotic the show was until a friend came over and said" you pair had better get a room". Not long after we decided to leave the party and jumped in a taxi,we had only been in there a few seconds after telling him where we were heading and we could not keep our hands off eachother.She was sitting between middle and behind the driver on the backseat as the taxi set off.For someone as Jealous and protective as myself I was intoxicated on her,I was kissing her groping her arse working my hands up her body.My hands reached the bottom of her top and I raised it,then placing my hand under her bra I lifted it releasing her ample tits,the look of a rabbit in the headlights on her face, shock, panic,can he see ?,but we we're to far past caring .I kissed ,groped her tits and arse all in view of the driver whilst our hearts felt like they would explode, driver adjusting his rear view mirror obviously watching us .We arrived at her parents house where she pulled down her top concealing her tits and staggered into the house ,skirt halfway up her arse .I payed the taxi fare And walked home with something protruding my jeans!This was to become the start of pushing the boundaries and a weekly event!