Written by Andy

27 Apr 2012

If any of you ever went to a pub in West Harptree (about 10 miles south of Bristol) in the early 90’s, on a Thursday Night, you will be aware that a rather risqué show for Gentlemen was put on. You will also know that the account I am about to give of one evening at that pub, is absolutely true and you may also have been there on the night in question.

Anyway before I start a little bit of background information  might be useful. My name is Andy (changed) and at the time I had recently separated from my wife (her fault not mine - but that’s another storey).  I was also working in Bath and sharing a house with some work colleagues, whilst my divorce went through and the matrimonial house was sold. As you can imagine I was going through some fairly rough times, but on one particular evening  I was feeling really down in the dumps, as the divorce wasn’t going particularly well. One of my house mates noticed this and said “I’ve heard of pub out in the country where they have a very risque strip show every Thursday, fancy going there and seeing what happens?  Now I’d been to plenty of strip shows in the past, some good some really boring so I asked “How risqué?”.  “Well from what I’ve heard some of the girls get a guy up on the stage and do the full works on him and if he can raise a hard on they fuck him!!”. Now i’d been to Amsterdam and plenty of places out in the far east and seen live sex shows so i wasn’t going to be shocked, but the thought of seeing this all happen in an English Country Pub really got me horny so I said “Yeah lets go for it”.

So the next Thursday we drove over to West Harptree and made our way to the back room. Having paid our entrance fee we found ourselves in a large, but private, room which probably seated around 100 - 200 people.  Having sat down and had a couple of beers and listened to a vaguely funny Blue Comedian the main attreaction came on. I can’t remember the Girls' name and whilst the show was good it wasn’t that risqué as other than the stripper no one else was involved. However at the end of the night just as everyone was leaving a rather sultry looking red headed girl walked onto the small stage carrying a wine bottle and said to the crowd “If you think that was good watch this” and with that she placed the wine bottle on the floor and then lifted her skirt to reveal a pair of rather shapely legs coverd in hold up stockings. She then pulled her panties to one side to show a tattoo of a tiger scratching the right cheek of her ass,  as she  squatted down on the bottle taking at least 6 inches up her pussy; no sooner had she done this than she stood up and waved her ass at the audience and said “if you want to see this and much more make sure you are here next week”. Well as far as I was concerned this was the best piece of advertising I had ever seen and i turned to my mate and said “well that’s next Thursday evening sorted”.

The next Thursday we arrived at the Pub quite early in order to get a good seat. Luckily we  managed to get a table at the front, to the right of the small stage. The place was getting quite full, the word had obviously got around.  As the night progressed I remember seeing the red headed Girl at  the bar, whilst the Comedian was doing his turn.  I didn’t say anything to her whilst I was buying a round but I did smile as she looked at me and she smiled back.

Shortly after returning to the table the Comedian finished his set so we just chatted for a few minutes, then the lights went down and the Red Headed Girl walked on the small stage wearing a long silk dressing gown, stilleto heels and seamed stockings. At that time I couldn't see what else she had on. But, to everyone's surprise, she wasn't alone and following her on stage was a young girl ( early twenties I thought) dressed in a light blue tu tu with white hold up stockings, white panties and high heels. When she got to the middle of the stage The Red Head said " Good evening Gentlemen, my name is Tina and this is my assistant, Jane. Tonight we are going to give you all a show you will never forget". Straight after this there was an enormous roar from the audience, but Tina held her hand up little, it was obvious she hadn't finished talking. She then went on to say" But before we go any further I will need a volunteer from the audience". On hearing this many of the crowd shouted "Me, me" and a few guys were pushed forwards by their mates. But Tina ignored all of this and stepped down off the stage and started to look at the audience; my first shock was when she came straight up to me and grabbed my hand and said " This kind looking man will do!".

I was then led upto the stage and sat down in a chair. Tina then said to Jane " Ok let's get him ready" and with this they stripped all of my clothes off except my Boxers. Tina then put my hands behind the back of the chair and handcuffed them together. At the time she whispered in my ear "Are you ok with all this?" 

I should perhaps tell you that whilst I was married Me and my now ex used to go to a number of Swinging Clubs and i personally got quite turned on by people watching me fuck and watching others fuck. So being stripped naked in front of a load of blokes didn't really faze me. Additionally, I'm quite blessed with a large cock, it's not 11 inches like you hear told in some stories more like 7.5 when soft and just over 9 when hard  and most girls I've met can't join their index finger and thumb together when holding it.

Anyway back to the storey. I just whispered to Tina "I'm happy with anything you and Jane want to do, are you ok with that?". Tina smiled at me and said in a slightly sarcastic manner " Nearly all men go soft with fright,but If you can get it hard i'll fuck your brains out". I just looked her in the eye and said "You're on,". Tina didn't say anything, all she did was walk to the front of the stage and facing the audience, but with her back to me, she undid her dressing gown and threw it over to Jane. The audience went wild and I could only guess why, but from where I was sitting all I could see was that Tina was wearing a black Basque, seamed stockings, suspenders, stilettos and G String. I could also see the Tiger Scratch tattoo on the left cheek of her beautiful ass. Tina then called over to Jane and said "Lube please darling". Jane passed her some lube as she turned round and faced me. Initially all I saw were two massive tits pointing towards me as she walked up to me and sat on my lap facing me. She then covered both her tits in lube and pulled my face into her cleavage, basically rubbing her tits in my face. It was great and the crowd went wild! Tina then left the stage and wandered around the audience showing off her tits until she asked one guy to undo her G String. At the same time I also noticed that Jane had her tu tu and panties removed by the audience and was only wearing stockings and heels. The crowd were going mad at this point and I also noticed when Tina came up on stage her pussy was completely shaved ( quite a rarity in those days).

Tina and Jane each then sat on one of my legs and started rubbing their pussies on my thighs. At this point I had a  raging hard on as Tina stood up and said "Let's get him ready". They then made me stand up as they pulled the chair away and I was left with my hands still cuffed behind my back but stood infront of everyone. Jane then  kneeled down in front of me and with a pair of scissors she cut my boxers off me. As she pulled them away I remember her saying " fucking Hell" as my cock sprang free. Tina then came over and said quietly " well you're a very big boy aren't you" as she grabbed my cock and led me off the stage towards the audience. She also said to the crowd " we only usually get little boys up here but tonight we've got a real stud, shall we see if we can get him to play?". The crowd all roared their approval and Tina started to wank my shaft bringing me up to full size. She then looked up at me and whispered " you really are up for this aren't you?" I just nodded and Tina the said to Jane " Put the vibrators away tonight we've got the real thing".

I was then made to lie on my back, stilled handcuffed, and Jane then rolled a Condom on my cock. Tina then looked at the crowd and said "Shall I ?", there was resounding "yes" from the audience. Tina then said to Jane " hold it up while I fuck the stud" and with that she then squatted down on me. I couldn't see that much but despite the condom it felt great as Tina's tight warm pussy started to swallow my cock. By this time the crowd were going wild as she bounced up and down on my cock. After a short while she said to the crowd " do you want a closer look?", you can imagine the response!!! Tina and Jane then got me up and Tina whispered in my ear " how do you fancy fucking me stood up from behind in front of this lot, we'll keep the cuffs on but Jane will feed your cock into me?". " my pleasure " I said. Tina also said "Try not to come, we've got a plan for that if you are up for it?". I said " I'll try but with that fantastic arse I can't guarantee". Tina said " You're lovely as she kissed me full on the lips". 

I was then led over towards the crowd and Tina put a chair right next to one of the punters and putting one leg up on the seat she showed her pussy off to those near by. I then stood right behind her and Jane fed my cock into Tina's pussy. At one point Tina looked over her shoulder and said "God you're big", I asked if she was ok with it she just said " just fuck me with you're big cock" . I then started to rock my bum back and forwards as I pushed all of my nine inches in and out of Tina. To be honest I can't remember how long this went on for but eventually I told Tina I was about to come. Immediately the condom was rolled off me and both girls kneeled infront of me as Tina wanked my shaft. I couldn't take this for long and fairly soon I remember shooting a massive load that went all over Tina's face and tits, my next load also got Jane over her boobs. Both girls then went into a frenzy as they licked me and themselves clean. At this point the crowd absolutely erupted and I was then led off the stage with Tina as Jane went round with a pot to collect money.

Fairly soon the handcuffs wee taken off me and I was given my clothes back. Tina then said to me " That was amazing, what are you doing later?". I told her I was separated, going through a divorce. All she then said was " Here's my card, give me a call if you fancy a drink sometime".

I did call Tina, but that's another storey. If you want to know what happened, post me.