Written by Watcher

7 Aug 2013

The best part of watching another man fuck my wife is when she is lying on her back with her feet straight up in the air and the guy fucking her has his knees apart with one placed on each side of her butt. In this position his head is above her head looking down into her eyes which are also looking up into his. If I am standing directly behind them when they are in this position, I can see his dick sliding up and down in her and I have a perfect view of the line of demarcation defined by the outer edges of her pussy where it wraps around the outside of his dick. This line is very much visible when looking from behind. In this position, the front part of his dick is buried deep inside of her. Also, I can clearly see his balls bouncing up and down as he fucks her.

She knows I like to watch her get fucked in that position, so she arranges to have it happen most times we do this just so I can watch it one more time. I really do love that woman.

I also can tell the guy likes to fuck in that position because having her pussy wrapped around his dick while he pumps it up and down obviously creates intensely pleasurable stimulation for himself. This almost always elicits groans and other explanations from him. It’s down side is it makes him come a lot faster. But if this position is delayed until later fucking sessions, his orgasms also come much later and his fucking lasts much longer.

The next best part of watching her get fucked is at the very beginning when her clothes are coming off. During this time all parties involved are in a state of anticipation with heightened sensibilities. However, it goes without saying that each stage of undressing is novel and different by them-selves. Sometimes the guy will just tell her to get naked and she does. Other times he takes his time and undresses her one piece of clothing at a time. Other times she might be taking his clothes off. Also, during this time, oral sex often comes into play.

By the way, she almost always follows the direction of what he wants but sometimes lets him know when she wants something else at that moment.

She tells me that she just likes the mystery and novelty that a stranger brings to the equation.

In any event, there are no boring stretches. Even moments where they are just laying quietly next to each between vicious fucking sessions, or maybe just holding each other in their arms are delightful in themselves.

The worst part of ‘watching’ is when it’s over and he is leaving. I almost always never get sex when he leaves because she is usually too tired or sore. I am forced to masturbate or wait until later when she has recovered.

She does this for me and could do without it even though I’m sure she enjoys the action.


Our rules for picking a candidate are:

1. We maintain anonymity at all times. They do not know who we are or where we live and we do not give out contact information such as phone numbers or internet information.

2. We do this in upscale hotels.

3. We always do this far away from home to avoid meeting those we know.

4. She chooses the guy. I get no say.

5. I only watch. I don’t participate.

6. No repeat action. Each chosen guy gets one session only. Prior to our marriage, repeated action introduced romantic and other issues that stressed or destroyed previous relationships.

7. No anal or pain.

8. Always safe sex; even though the above description leaves mention of that out.