Written by Fellatrix

30 Nov 2009

i'm 50, collared obedient and oral sex crazy.

We live in a university city. As usual on this particular saturday morning, i went with my husband/master to the supermarket and we did the shopping. As usual i was wearing a skirt without knickers(forbidden) and a blouse without bra(forbidden) around my neck was my collar with attached dog tag which says "Fellatrice" - property of Master Michael. Shopping finished, i went to our local pub, master sed back soon as he went to back some horses.

Got to the pub , there was a nice looking new, young, barmaid. Sat at the bar and ordered the food for both of us etc. Got talking to the barmaid, it wasn't busy so we had a good chat.She was a student she sed, earning some extra cash , wot with student loans and late loan payments, it was very difficult.

After some chatting , she suddenly dropped it out that some of the other girls were "selling" it to make ends meet. - Not you tho' i sed - God no, she replied, i'm not a prude, but the thought of having it off with different Men all the time is awWhat you need is, a sugar daddy ! she laughed oy oy, then i sed or maybe a sugar mommy - at this she stared str8 in my eyes and just sed mmmm

Master arrived, luch beers- told him about the girl and the conversation - now i like girls - my Master got me into MFF long ago and i love pussy, although it had been some time since we had had a pussy in our bed; I made my suggestion to Master , he agreed str8 off, sed if you can pull that off -, Great

Went back to the bar. Taking a deep breath - here we go - I sed to the girl - to help your money problems out - i have an idea - she was looking str8 at me now - yes ? yes, we have a spare room home, you cud have it rent free if you were interested. OH ?

then- you would have a sugar daddy and mommy at the same time - no answer fromm the girl so i carried on - - in beteween her customers, i managed to finish my dirty proposition - you have the spare room - computer etc., free food , free drinks- for a willing girl - all in , i punned.

Girl went to serve someone

then she cme back, ok she sed, maybe i'll think about it.

The long and short of it is, that she agrred to meet us after her work and come and see the "free" room - AT 3pm we met her at the supermarket carpark and drove her to our house. "How did you guess that i like girls she asked" ? O gOd ..... continued soon