Written by fellatrice

9 Dec 2009

Husband/Master sat himself down in the chair, his cock now limp - I took the student in my arms and pulled her against me, tits against tits, bely against belly, i put mt hands on her arse and started kissing her deeply, she responded eagerly, we kissed for sometime, and i slipped my hand in between us and found her now slippery cunt. I fingered her some time then led her to the sofa - I pushed her down and raised one leg onto the sofa with the other on the ground, she looked so inviting like that with her legs wide open showing her glistening pinkies. After kising an sucking her tits for sometime, I moved down and started blowing on her clit, suddenly she grabbed my head and pulled me onto her cunt, lick me lick me now now - i obliged.

Its nice o nice she groaned, its been a long time since ...

then shortly - go on go on, its coming its coming - she thrust up against me and shuddered as she came - Masters voice cut thru the fog, keep your mouth clamped on her cunt he ordered , keep sucking, dont stop. I did so, the girl squealing - stop stop i cant stand it, its too sensitive - i took no notice, i had my arms behind her thighs and held her wrists. At first her clitoris had disappeared but after more sucking it reappeared out of its hood and she began to make a woeful noise, her second orgasm was violent - carry on dont stop came the order, so i continued and she came, eventually a third time. Now Master sed stop, now its my turn to have a taste - moved down towards the girls cunt - you straddle her he ordered and sit your cunt on her face; I climbed over the head of the sofa and slowly lowered my , by now aching cunt, onto her mouth, she started sucking me and used her tongue nicely - this she knew how to do very well, i cud see master gobbling her at the same time and my orgasm started to build up, the girls sucking became erratic and she too started wriggling from M's tongue - i came she came , we collapsed in a heap.

M approached th e girl , his cock was now hard again, now you can suck me off again he sed- but this time on your own. He pushed his cock at her mouth, she open up and took him in, her eyes closed. It took her longer this time but eventually he started his usual groaning and swearing - here it comes he shouted, a mouthful of warm salty spunk for you, his spasms finished. he pulled away, the girl grimaced - o god so salty - you'll get used to the taste i assured her again. Here sed M, he squeezed his cock and another globule of spunk appeard on the end of his nob, lick it clean finish the job properly she did so.

After a little repose, M sed to me , take her to the bedroom and dress her to go to the resturant - she's about your size so you have plenty to choose from - her tits are bigger but that will show off better in one of your sexy blouses -

We went to the bedroom and i pulled her against me and we kissed again - you were lovely I told her, super, yoo too she whispered in my ear - we going to have some lovely times yes? O yes yes she replired.

Do you like being spanked i asked her .....

to be continued soon, if i get some good feedback