Written by PINKS

11 Nov 2008

Having written about a couple of experiences on here before, the theme develops further i.e. my wife will only be naughty when she has had a drink and in doing so tends to lose her inhibitions very quickly. With this in mind i tend to plan any events with plying her with drink during the early part of a night out to maximise my chances. Like most married men i too look forward to witnessing my wife submit to another man.

We had arranged a baby sitter and intended to go for a meal to celebrate our wedding anniversary. My wife is very cute size 10 with small but perky breasts an arse to die for and turns heads as she looks considerably younger than her age (41). On this particular night we had arranged to go out of town by taxi so we could relax and enjoy a few drinks. as usual i took the opportunity to order several large glasses of wine for each of us and whenever J went to the loo i would top hers up with mine. After a very nice meal J indicated that she was ready for home and squeezed my leg under the table (chances of a leg over when i get home!!). We ordered a taxi and had once last drink while we waited.

The taxi journey home would ordinarily take about forty minutes and ten minutes into our journey i noted J had nodded off. The taxi driver commented that she looked as if she had had a good night and after some idle chit chat i told him she was dead to the world and i could do anything to her and she wouldn\\\'t wake up. This got his attention and he asked me what i could get away with. To make the journey a little more enjoyable i flipped three buttons on her blouse and pulled it open and he swerved slightly by taking a longer than necessary view in his mirror to see her half cup bra pushing her little titties northwards.I was getting turned on by the fact that this Asian guy was ogling my wife\\\'s tits. I noticed that the taxi was then driving slower than normal and assumed he wanted to make the trip last as long as he could.

The driver then questioned if i could get her blouse completely undone....\\\'easy i said\\\' and duly obliged. Again he looked longer than he should and began to wander across the road. After straightening the car back on track i suggested that if the game was to continue he should pull over, this he did.

He turned round in his seat to face us and was fascinated by her tits and asked if i could pop one or both of them out. I shuffled J forward and unclasped her bra an shuffled her back against the seat so he now had view of her bare breasts. I goaded him to touch one and he said she would freak if she woke up so i leaned forward and sucked very lightly on her left nipple and watched it harden to an erect state.He very gingerly leaned forward and with the lightest of touches brushed over her nipple, he was shaking like a leaf but his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when he realised she truly was out cold. He just sat for a few minutes just in awe and kept saying should we go now, should we go now. Sensing he was getting worried i said if he set off i would see if i could get her skirt up over her thighs so he could see between her legs and if time allowed we could stop again. He continued to drive and after a few miles and feeling very proud of myself (and very horny)i confirmed to the driver that the patient was ready for his inspection and he found the next safe place to stop. Turning round he was greeted with J\\\'s light blue silky thong and a few stray tufty pubes escaping from the sides,her legs slightly parted.Again i dared him to touch and he took his chance with a light feel of the silky material knowing he was a fraction of an inch from her sweet hole. I took hold of the material and pulled her thong to one side and lightly touched her pussy lips and although she moved slightly showed no signs of waking from her drunken state. I told him it was now or never if he wanted to touch it he should just go for it and then watched as he parted her pubic hairs and touched her pussy,pushing his finger in a few millimeters but enough for his finger end to glisten with her dampness.

I told him we should go as i needed to relieve myself and joked that he probably wanted to have a wank after this journey. We eventually pulled up outside the house and i straightened J\\\'s clothes the best i could .I asked if he could help me get J inside (he seemed very anxious to help!!), i explained we had a baby sitter staying and suggested that i went in first to make sure she had gone to bed(would save a very embarrassing explanation too). I found the house very quiet and the lights out and doors closed to the spare room. I rushed back to the car and asked the driver to grab J\\\'s legs, we man handled her into the lounge and plonked her flat out, face down on the settee. The driver told me what the fare was (yes cheeky bastard!!) i paid and he asked what i was going to do with J.I told him if he hung around for a few minutes i would show him. I knelt down beside J and eased her skirt up her legs until her arse was in full view and gently stroked her bum, after a few moments i eased her thong from her bottom and dragged it down her legs and took them from her feet. I noticed the Asian guy had a hard on and i suggested he could touch her arse if he wanted too. He touched her cheeks and slightly parted them enough to see her hairs from her fanny and so so gently stroked her butt while i watched. I excused myself for a minute under the guise of going for a pee and went outside the patio doors and sneaked a peek through a gap in the curtains to see if he we do anything while i was gone, i wasn\\\'t disappointed as he had his cock in his hand wanking furiously while he was touching J\\\'s arse, this was all too much for me and cock in hand, also brought myself off while i watched. After a few minutes (and shooting my cum over the bushes) i went back into the house to find the driver just going out of the front door. I went into where J was laid and noticed a big pool of his cum all over her arse cheeks and the £18 fare sat on top of her thong. I wiped J down with her underwear levered her into our room and let her sleep it off til the next day.

In true J style she remembers nothing about the ride home other than getting into the taxi and to this day always remarks on how sorry she was for ruining the night! If only she knew??