Written by Velv8

4 Jan 2017

I am 59 and she is 20, a beautiful and horny student. As you can see from our previous posts (the teacher and the pupil 1-8), we have developed a very horny and pretty much unlimited sexual relationship over the last nine months. She wants to be my sex slave and personal slut. Having invested in new clothes and bondage gear, her university Holidays were bound ;-) to be fun.

Heading out to meet the boys and reintroduce her to the crew, she wore thin leggings and a nicely revealing top. We had decided to let her go unshaven for the six weeks since I had seen her last, since it would actually be a novelty to enjoy her soft young pubic hair. It was really nice sitting opposite the boys letting them watch as I fingered and stroked her pussy, the shape of her lips clearly defined; when I took my hand away to take a drink she made sure to leave her legs open for them to enjoy the view. I love the way she continues chatting normally while stroking herself, rhythmically circling her now obviously open and wet pussy while they watch. Even in leggings her pussy was clearly on view. Sometimes she would reach across and squeeze my cock, making low sounds of pleasure. Of course the boys wanted to know if she swallows, and she happily described how she loves to linger over it before letting me come deep in her throat. The bit that always gets them is the way she describes 'licking up every last drop, not wasting any'. That's the bit they love to hear, watching her rub her pussy faster as she talks. I love knowing they all want her, but she is my slut, and my slut only, to display and use as I wish.

As we walked home we stopped regularly, for lots of public fingering. So many Christmas late night drunks watching her open her legs for me.

Home again, on the living room carpet she spread her hungry soaking slut-pussy and I buried my face in that delicious cunt, tonguing and fingering her to a first very noisy orgasm. Suddenly she was calling me 'sir' and telling me she wants me to fuck her like the slut she is, to fill her with cum. After a very fast, much needed fuck, I watched as she fingered herself and spread her lips wide for me. The sight of that lovely young pussy, lips pink with the first proper fuck of the night and soft pubic hair sticky with cum, as she stroked her clit was utterly cock-throbbingly wonderful. I had to film her as I fingered her again, the gorgeous slurping sound of her filled pussy driving us both into a rampant frenzy. I started to talk about loving the boys watching her fingering herself and my cock was solid again. So she sat me on the sofa, leant me back, and started to lick our combined juices off me while still fingering herself madly. Totally wide and gaping I needed to ram my cock back into her cream filled sopping slut-cunt. She screamed with orgasm as I hammered harder and we both came again. In bed, we lay together as she fondled my cock and I stroked her tits and played with her nipples, a final long slow blow job and time to sleep.

The next day, we slept late and woke to a lovely horny caressing start to the day. Wandering around naked, we showered, ate and played; lying on the carpet constantly fondling. Horny as fuck again we retired to the bedroom and broke out the new bondage gear. Thick leather straps that go round the back of her neck and pull her legs high and wide open, we can cuff her hands either behind her head or to the straps round her thighs. We decided to leave her hands free this time, I wanted her to be able to pull open her pussy while her legs are pulled wide. I tightened the straps, and stepped back. My god, the sight of my gorgeous young Bunny tied and unable to resist anything I did, sent my pulse racing. The straps, tight across her boobs, were already starting to rub her nipples erect and it felt like rape as I rammed into her pussy, still raw from the previous night. Gloriously pounding as she arched against the straps, squealing and writhing but unable to move, I bit into her and pumped my spunk deep. Pulling out, I sat and watched globs of my spunk slide down her ass and onto the bed. She was still pulsing as I caressed her ass, and gaping fuck-hole. I pushed my fingers in deep and brought her back to climax, she was arching hard but every movement just pulled on the straps; it was like all the energy was directed back into her orgasm.

As I released her from the tension of the straps her whole body kept convulsing.

My perfect slut, quivering in pleasure hugged me and whispered, 'God I love cock, I love being fucked so much!'

Holidays part two, following soon.