Written by Velv8

4 Jan 2017

As I have said before, these postings (see, the teacher and the pupil 1- 9) are an account of my relationship with a twenty year old student. I aways send them to her to enjoy before posting. It is our way of savouring the fun when she is not with me. This is her response to part nine, via messenger:

Bunny: "I like it a lot, though something strange happened when I read it. When I got to the "it felt like rape" part, I got a huge pulse of pleasure, that shouldn't happen, but it did. The idea of consensual rape is an odd one. It's not at all rape, but that rough bondage thing is fabulous. Especially with the blind fold. And fuck yes, it has been the focus of my masturbating pleasure several times. I love that we have broken those barriers down, the sex-slave and the rape thing. The rape thing was always the ultimate taboo fantasy for me. I know we get each other perfectly, but I'm still a little gobsmacked by you using the word rape. I so nearly told you the other day but thought I'd wait until after we had played with the slave idea."

Me: "Remember all those times wrestling, when you couldn't throw me out of bed? During one of those sessions I nearly said: 'I could hold you down and rape you right now'."

Bunny: "My whole-body reaction just happened. Pulsing right from the pussy upwards and my hips bucked...I've always liked that you can overpower me. Fuck I'm wet. I want to be 'raped' by you! Now that's a weird sentence."

Me: "And I want to 'rape' you! Violent, hard and totally selfish."

Bunny: "Jesus, my back went into a full arch at that. Holy fuck. I felt my pussy flood. Every nerve in me is tingling. I've never felt my pussy do this before. I'm not even touching myself at the moment but I'm pulsing. I can literally feel the inside of my pussy tingle. It's like the feeling of full on sex, but I'm not touching me. Oh I need you. This isn't horniness anymore. It's gone past that point. Fucking Christ I don't even know what to do with myself. My fingers can't satisfy this need. I don't think anything would work. I need you. I need to be overpowered... Fuck sake now my clit is pulsing, I've never felt that before. "