Written by Paul Carol

24 Feb 2010

I'd known this couple for a number of years. I was at their house chatting and drinking. My mate and his wife were sitting opposite me. After a while she got up to fetch more drinks. After handing me mine she sat back down on the sofa. I'd noticed that her short skirt had ridden up her legs. As she positioned herself I thought I saw a glimpse of her black underwear. I didn't realise it but she had caught me staring at her legs. Now she was beginning to tease. She began opening her legs ever so slightly so that I could get a better look. I looked up at her as she was staring back at me. She knew what she was doing. I looked back down at her crotch and now I could see a very good view. What I thought was her underwear was in fact her hairy black pussy in all its glory! She kept repositioning herself letting me have better views each time. She could see what effect it was having on me! I could hardly keep still. My cock was aching because it was straining to get to its full stiff erection. I could feel my pre-cum oozing out, my pants were feeling very wet by now. All this time her man didn't have a clue what was going on. In the end I had to make my excuses and left.

Later I called round unexpectedly to see my mate. His wife was sitting in the garden, wearing as usual a very short skirt and revealing top, which allowed a very nice view of her ample cleavage. She asked if I wanted a drink, which I replied 'yes'. So we went indoors to pour them out. I asked where her man was and she just replied 'out'. Anyway, we carried on drinking and after a while when our tongues had loosened I asked what she was playing at the other night. She said she wanted to see a man being teased and not being able to do anything about it! The Bitch!

I told her that she had certainly done that and I had to relieve myself when I'd got home. I could see that she was getting excited at this. She moved to the other side of the room and sat on the sofa. She asked if I would like her do carry on from when I had left. Well, I didn't have to be asked twice! She lay on her side and lifted one leg up so I could get a flash of her lovely black hairy bush. I was mesmerised! She kept moving around revealing a little bit more each time. She began playing with her tits and started to rub her pussy. She looked over at me and could see that I was getting very aroused. At least I could re-arrange my throbbing cock to a more comfortable position. I asked her to stop in case her man returned. She said that he's gone for the day and wouldn't be back till much later.

This only made her get more daring. She took off her top to let her voluptuous breasts hang free. They were beautiful. Semi firm and big hard nipples. She pushed her left hand down onto her pussy and began playing with herself. She was moaning with pleasure. I wanted to get my cock out there and then I push it up her gorgeous wet pussy but I had to restrain myself. I kept thinking her old man would come though the door at anytime. She kept on playing with herself, squeezing her tits and fingering her hairy pussy. All the while I was staring at her. She occasionally looked at me but kept on going. She eventually began to writhe and moan with pleasure and I could see that she was cumming. The thick black bush around her pussy was soaking wet, her hand was dripping with pussy juice. She put her fingers in her mouth and licked and sucked them clean. I wanted to get my mouth on them too. She asked if I had enjoyed her performance. YES!

She composed herself and eventually my cock began to soften. We went back to the garden and carried on drinking for a while. Later she asked if I would like another private performance. I of course replied 'yes' to which she said she would call me when her old man was away again.

A few weeks later I got the call. I called round and as what seemed to be the norm she poured out my favourite drink and also one for herself. After a short while she began to flirt with me, pressing her pussy and tits through her clothing whilst I watched with eager anticipation! She was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt but no bra. She continued like this getting more and more aroused. I noticed a dark damp patch appear in the crotch area of her jeans. She could see the huge bulge in my pants. I was playing with myself, rubbing my thick hard cock through my jeans. She stood up and came over to where I was sitting. She said she liked watching a man play with himself, especially when his cock was still under wraps. I continued to play whilst she lay on the floor in front of me. She began to slowly undo the button and zip on her jeans. My cock and balls were aching with pleasure. She pushed her jeans down to reveal the closest view I’ve had of her thick hairy bush. I was in heaven.

She began fingering herself and rubbing her clit, still watching me more intensely rubbing my cock. She sat up right in front of me and said 'now I want to see what you've been hiding'. She lent forward and began to undo my jeans! Her hands trembling as she did so. When my jeans were loosened she pulled my boxers over the top of my hard thick shaft. My cock was standing to attention oozing pre-cum as it did so! She ran her fingers up the shaft and squeezed more pre-cum out of my helmet. She then licked her fingers and quickly pushed them back up herself. She took her fingers from her soaking pussy and pressed them into my mouth! WOW! She tasted fantastic! Sweet and warm!

She then lent forward again but this time she began playing with my cock, caressing it, rubbing her hands up and down its thick shaft, pushing the foreskin over the helmet, pulling it back. She then pulled my jeans down my legs so she could get a better look at my throbbing cock and balls. She was so close now. She lowered her head down onto my hot dick taking it all the way into her mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening! I leaned forward to play with her pussy but couldn't quite reach. She realised this and repositioned so I could get my hand into her lovely hairy pussy. I pushed three fingers straight into her; she quivered as I did so! She kept sucking on my cock often gagging as she attempted to get it all in her mouth. I continued to play with her pussy, my she was wet! She started to play with my piss hole with her tongue, this aroused me immensely! I could feel the pressure building up in my cock and balls; I said to her 'I'm about to cum'. That didn't stop her and she pushed her mouth all the way down on my thick shaft just as I let my big load of hot thick cum unleash into the back of her throat! She kept my cock in her mouth until every last drop of cum had been squeezed out of me!

She then sat up and looked at me. There was a small amount of my cum juices dripping from the corner of her mouth. She realised this and wiped it with her finger and put her finger in my mouth. I could taste the saltiness. Very satisfying. My cock was still as hard as ever! She continued to play with my cock running her fingers up and down the shaft at the same time as playing with her pussy. She eventually had to give herself a damn good seeing to! She was rubbing her tits and pussy and suddenly climaxed. I watched in awe as she did so. Pussy juice flowing everywhere. She put her hand to my mouth so I could taste her yet again. Beautiful!

We both readied our selves and had one last drink before I returned home.

Although I'd been around to their place on numerous occasions the time never came for a repeat performance. Her old man was always about. I was at home one day when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door standing there was the Tease! She asked if she could come in for a chat (?) Well, the chatting didn't last long! She commented that since our last encounter she had wanted to get her hands on my thick cock again. She asked me to play with myself as she watched. At first she just sat there staring at my crotch as I rubbed my cock getting it nice and stiff. After a short time she began to play with herself, rubbing her clit and tits. I watched as she ran her fingers through her long dark hair, continuing to press her hand into her crotch. Her nipples hard with excitement. All the while looking at me. I unzipped my jeans to let her get a good view of my hard erection. Her eyes lit up. She slowly undid her own jeans and turned away to remove them. She slid off her tight fitting top. She turned around. This was the first time I had seen her totally naked. Wow! She was stunning! Her long dark hair hanging over her shoulders onto to her breasts which were just the right shape and size complete with amazing hard nipples. When I gazed down I discovered that she had shaven her pussy. It looked even more inviting! I commented on this and she told me she'd done it for me as a surprise! Well, it certainly did that! I quickly removed my own clothes. She came over and took my cock into her mouth in one fast action, pressing her lips into my pubic hairs as she did so. Boy this was good! She kept going at my cock hardly coming up for air! She was giving me the best blowjob Id had in my life! She stopped just before I shot my load, which I was grateful. I wanted her to let me empty my balls into her beautiful pussy.

As she sat on the sofa I went over and got my first taste of her pussy. She was dripping with desire! And she tasted marvellous. I gave her a real good tonguing. I could feel her clit harden in my mouth as I did. She kept on cumming. My face was awash with her cum! She pulled me aside and took my aching cock in her hands and began to wank me again. My cock was so hard it was hurting! As she wanked me she moved on top of me, straddling my body. She had a tight grip of my cock as she lowered her hot wet pussy onto me. This was fucking great! She removed her hand so she could get the whole length into her. She squirmed as it entered. Her pussy juices were running to overflow! She began wriggling and gyrating on my cock, getting every last inch into her. I could feel my cock hairs against her shaven pussy. She gave out a long moan as she came again and again! She wanted to feel my thick hard cock deep inside her so she climbed off me allowing me to reposition her. I put her on the sofa and bent her legs behind so I could let her get the best experience of my cock pounding deep into her cunt. I eased the bulbous head past her pussy lips, watching as my shaft spread her wide! Her pussy lips folded over my helmet as it disappeared into her. I pushed the remainder of my length deep into her, she moaned with pleasure! She grasped my arse and dug her nails into me as I pounded harder and harder! The harder and deeper I fucked her, the more she screamed and clawed at my body. I could feel her cum again and at this point I let my hot thick load of spunk unload deep into her pussy! I kept fucking her till I'd let every last drop squeeze out of my aching cock. I pulled my dripping cock from within her, she immediately went down on it, licking and sucking my cock and balls. I looked down at her pussy and could see our cum oozing from her. She dug her fingers deep into herself and covered her mouth and tongue with our cum. I wanted to taste us so I plunged my face into her pussy and got my tongue into her love hole, tasting our fluids. She let out a little moan as she came one last time as I was licking her pussy.

We both lay on the sofa knackered! Our bodies sweating and aching. My cock had now become flaccid and my balls were aching so much! She stood up and got dressed. We had a drink together then she left saying that she would return sometime for what would turn out to be another surprise.