Written by Jeff

11 Oct 2016

I met my wife Laura when I was 15 and she was 14 we got engaged on her 17th birthday and married 2 days after she was 18 we were both virgins on our Wedding night and we both really enjoyed our first and every night since we both have a very active sexual mind and have tried lots of sexual positions. I am 6'1'' tall and have dark hair and I am quite muscular as we both go to the gym 3 times a week and Laura is 5'6'' tall long slim legs size 8 dress and 32c tits. we have been married 4 years and Laura has always kept her pubes well trimmed. 3 weeks ago we were having our usual relax and glass of wine on Saturday after having a shower when out of the blue she asked if she could shave all my pubes or would i be willing to have Back Crack and Sack wax as she was going to have a Hollywood wax and have all her pubes removed she said it would be like when we first met when neither of us had any pubes. After a few more glasses i agreed to have a wax and when she returned from work on the Monday she had made our appointments for Wednesday evening. Over tea that evening she reminded me that she would be going to Magaluf last Saturday for a week with her friends. I asked if that was the reason for her wanting a wax but she just laughed.

On Wednesday after work we both had a quick shower and headed to the Beauty Salon Laura was called through by Melony her friend who ran the Salon a few minutes later Grace another of her friends called me through after the initial embarrassment I was soon more concerned with the pain . We both exited the Salon and headed home and i must say that i felt great with no pubes and Laura looked fantastic and what a night on lust followed. On the Saturday we went to do some shopping so she could buy some new clothes and bikinis and was shocked at the underwear she was buying as normally she only wore white cotton full briefs she even bought several thongs and a couple of suspender belts and stockings she also bought a couple of new dresses but no new bras when i asked why she said she would not need any.

Last Friday I picked her up from the station as usual and noticed she had a chemist bag and she said she had got he pill for next month as she was due to finish this months in the morning. As she was packing I saw she had put her new pill packet in her toiletries bag and asked why and she told me she was going to start taking them straight away as she didn't want to be on her period when in the pool and sunbathing in her new bikini's and could see her point. As she went to bed Early i stayed down as i had got an extra 200 euros for her and put them into her handbag but noticed a pack of 6 durex in there and was more than a little shocked but decided to say nothing as i didn't want an argument before she left at 5.00am.

She sent me a text on Saturday lunch to say they had arrived then skyped me on Sunday night I asked her to put the video on but she said the other girls were all undressed Then i heard Grace whisper put it on and let him see your love bites I asked who was with her and she just said That Grace and Samantha were messing about. At about 10.00pm i phoned her on her mobile and could hear a couple of male voices in the back ground but she said they were queuing to get in a club.She sent me a selfie of her outside in the queue and she was wearing her new purple dress with the split up 3/4 of the thigh and I could see the tops of her stockings and suspenders.

At about 2.00 am my mobile rang and it was Lauren she said she just wanted to tell me she loved me and blew kisses down the phone. I said goodnight and put my phone down after about 20 mins i could hear some noises and jumped up before realising it was my phone I picked it up and could hear Laura saying '' Greg please put the condom on Ok then just fuck me hard then and shoot your load right up me'' i could then hear that they were obviously having sex as the bed was squeeking and Laura's squeels of pleasure were unmistakable . I then heard a male voice say he was coming and more screams of pleasure from Laura the she said ''let me suck you clean again I have never been fucked so hard and filled with as much spunk 3 times in such a short time will you fuck me again tonight?''

'' Just keep on sucking till I pee then will get hard and fuck your arse for you'' '' Oh yes please'' then silence apart from the slurping noise of Laura sucking him. Then i heard Laura shout '' No need to piss in my mouth ''

In the background i heard grace shout '' Just swallow it'' then it became obvious that she was also being fucked

After a few minutes I heard Laura's phone ping and as she picked it up I heard her scream''Shit it's been on all the time he must have heard everything. Jeff are you there Jeff i was panicking so just fumbled with the phone on the cabinet before saying in i hope a voice sounding as I had just woke up '' Laura are you alright '' Yes just been to loo and saw my phone was still connected hope i didn't disturb you''

I was asleep but not to worry as long as you are alright goodnight'' and I hung up.

I lay down and realised that my cock was rock solid so I just wanked myself before shooting cum all over the bed sheets.

I now have to wait till Saturday night to hopefully find out what she has been upto but i do know she has been fucked at least 3 times by somebody else.

will let you know more next week