Written by Simon

8 Nov 2008

After reading some of the great stories here I thought I would share an experience that happened to me some time ago.

About 5 years ago I was serving in the Armed Forces and had just returned home for leave over the xmas period. On the evening I returned I had arranged to meet up with an old friend called Mark for a few drinks, he had informed me that he had a new Girlfriend called Kerry and that he would bring her along to meet me as well as one of her friends (Tracy) whom I assume was for my benefit.

We all met up on the evening and the drinks began to flow, after consuming quite a bit we all then headed back to Tracy’s house as she was only 18 (we were all around this age) and her parents had gone away for the Christmas period.

As we arrived at Tracy’s house, we all settled down, had a few more bevies and eventually began playing a game of truth or dare. During this game I can remember asking Mark to dare the girls to down several more shots before any sexual dares began, anyway... several shots later and the dares had turned quite sexual and I can remember Tracy shouting “Do you dare me to flash my tits” well Mark and I being red blooded males bother readily egged her on.

While all of this was going on, Mark and I were also chatting and he informed me that he had not slept with his Girlfriend Kerry yet as she was making him wait however he felt that he may get lucky tonight as she was quite drunk (we were young at the time, lol)

Several dares later Kerry, Marks Girlfriend had become a little bit jealous as the last dare had involved us both sucking her nipples for 10 Seconds... she got very angry and stormed out and me being the great peacekeeper decided that it was all OK and I would go after her.

I caught up with her walking down the road and crying and so I began to walk with her. I can honestly say without exaggeration that we walked around the streets for about two hours before heading back. As we headed back the conversation we had begun to turn sexual however it was more of a joking sexual and so, even at this point I can say hand on heart I never anticipated what happened next.

Before arriving back at Tracys house we cut through the local park, whilst in the park we stood still chatting for a while when she started to take off the rings Mark had brough for her and gave them to me saying that she wanted nothing else to do with him. She then said “can I have a hug”.

Ok Ok, now I had started to get a bit of a stirring in the old pants and aginst my better judgment I gave her a hug. As soon as I started hugging her she started to breathe really heavily for a while and then began pushing her hips into mine. I did protest several times (yes I did have morals, lol) however then she panted heavily into my ear...”Please, I want you to fuck me”.

Well, I have my limits and now they were well and truly broken. I took her by the hand and lead her to a bushy area in the centre of the park. As soon as we arrived I started to tug at her jeans and had them off within a few seconds. I laid her on the floor, undid my jeans and placed myself in between her legs.

As I began to press my cock against her pussy I can remember how tight it felt and I could not get my cock in so I decided to loosen her up with my fingers.

We were lying on the floor, I had my jeans down to my knees and she began to suck my cock whilst I loosened her up with my fingers even after fingering her for about five mins though I still could ony get in two, I was amazed at how tight her pussy was.

As I was now close to coming I got back on top of her and pushed my cock in with quite a bit of force and in it went, straight to the hilt she arched her back, let out a moan and I began to thrust into her, at this point I really didn’t care about protection.

I only managed to fuck her for a few minutes before I slammed into her emptying my load inside her tight, juicy pussy.

We then got up and returned to Tracys where Mark was eagerly waiting for our arrival. What took the piss was, when we arrived back Kerry had leaves in her hair, her knickers in her pocket and a spunk filled pussy whilst I had two great big mud patches on my jeans where my knees had been.

Mark said “what have you 2 been up to” to which I replied, nothing... To this day I can not believe that he accepted that.

Over the remainder of my leave I met up with Kerry on several evenings as she would meet me after seeing her boyfriend Mark (who still had not fucked her). I would take her back to my parents and fuck her in every position possible. I can honestly say I still think about her quite a lot and would certainly love just one last meet, for old time’s sake and all that.

Also, several months later I fucked Tracy (another story, lol) however I can remember fucking Tracy and as I was fucking her she said to me “am I better then Kerry”

The Truth... She wasn’t a patch on Kerry...Although I told her she was better at the time (I WAS 18, LOL)