23 May 2017

Its funny.......I had read numerous accounts of people having sexual experiences with their mother in law all of which brought back my own happy memories of a true and wonderful time in my life which I thought I would share.

I am going back 30 years now to when I was 21 and with my first wife having been married at 19. My wife was a virgin when we meet as childhood sweethearts and despite my best effort of introducing new things to our sex life she always remained until our divorce after 9 years a straight forward pleasant missionary girl.

My mother in law Daphne was an older mum and 48 at this time and an average woman not unattractive with a size 12 to 14 figure, shoulder length brown curly hair, large and slightly saggy 38 inch chest and a plump well shaped ass. She often wore very tight figure hugging trousers which showed a panty line revealing that she wore full panties something i have a fetish about to this day. The tops always showed a little cleavage but were still very conservative.

In the early days of our marriage all was just normal and we were often at our in laws to stay over, but about 2 years into our marriage I sensed things begin to change. I was never sure why other than possibly my mother in law picked up on my frustrations around my sex life and my high libido and desire for affection from my wife that was met when we were at the in laws with more of a luke warm response. Over a period of a few months preceding the point of this story my mother in law had taken to some mild flirting, getting very close to me when we were chatting or sitting cuddled into me when we were all watching TV.....all innocent to everyone and frankly to me also. But she had also started to wear tops that gave a more revealing view of her cleavage and trousers that seemed even tighter. I had played with myself several times thinking about my MIL and about the full white panties i used to see on the washing line and what she would look like in them.

Any way that summer we were over for a few days and the weather was very warm and I was over helping to paint some outside walls of their bungalow as the father in law was not able to work on a ladder due to a leg problem. So on this hot day I was shirtless in my shorts working on the back of the bungalow and my then wife, my mother in law Daphne and my father in law were sat enjoying the sun.

Daphne had caught my attention this day as for the first time she had come out in some tight but slightly old fashioned green shorts but also a green full cup bikini top that her large tits were spilling out of a little at the top. She was also very attentive to my needs in respect of drinks, sun tan cream on my back and snacks as I worked that day. Throughout the day I stole glances at her and could feel my cock string so had to quickly concentrate back on painting. My wife and father in law never really gave me a second glance.

As the day was drawing to a close the father in law had had enough sun and gone in and my wife was a sleep on the sun lounger and I had more of an opportunity to admire the MIL happy in my fantasy thoughts while i painted and enjoying the rambling chat about everything with her. She had a lovely smile and responded every time she caught me glancing over with a return smile.

Finally, my wife woke up, asked about tea and excused herself to go get a shower. I started to pack up and finish off for the day.

I headed to the shed which was one of those old mid sized fibre glass green windowless huts at the end of a longish garden to put everything away and clean up......given the temperature of the day this shed was scorching inside.

As I was working in there assuming everyone else was now inside the bungalow I got a shock to see the MIL stood in the doorway and walking over to me. She continued the pleasant chit chat and walked over to me and into my personal space so we were just a foot apart. God this close up, with the heat and seeing her bikini top bulging with her large tits I could not stop the dirty thoughts going through my mind......but tried to dismiss them as Daphne was my MIL and was just being lovely and friendly.

Then it happened she asked me if i like what I saw as I had been looking at her all day. My face must have answered one thing before my mouth could engage as while I was searching for words she reached behind her back and unclipped her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Fuck me those 38 inch ivory white tits were laid bare in front of me with gorgeous pale pink large nipples. Yes they sagged but fuck they were beautiful. My mind was a blur, I was worrying about someone else coming down the garden and i still could barely speak other than to say she was beautiful...........she took both my hands and brought them to her tits and encouraged me to touch and feel her which i did. They were so soft and felt so good.

As I was caressing her tits and watching her nipples get hard I felt her hand stroking the front of my shorts........in concentrating on the sight in front of me I had not realized that my 7 inch cock was rock hard. She rubbed my cock through my shorts as I touched her and I felt her tugging at the draw string to slacken my shorts so they slid down. She just looked my in the eye while her hand gripped my cock through my undies and said someones been neglected.

With that she slid my undies down and bent over to take the head of my cock in her mouth.....god it was warm, wet and felt fucking amazing and withing less than a minute of my MIL sucking my cock with me running my fingers through her curly hair holding her head my cock exploded in her mouth multiple cum shots pumping into her sexy mouth all of which was swallowed so expertly. The whole thing was only a matter of 3 minutes and she had licked my clean put her top back on and exited the shed with my stood there naked in my trainers with my pants and shorts round my ankle.

When i finally got myself together and went in the house everyone else including the MIL were working on laying a table for tea and I passed through and to the bathroom for a shower and change of clothes.

As I came out the shower dressed in a change of clothes and heading to my wife and I's room Daphne was there in the hallway with that lovely smile. She said it had been one of her nicest ever afternoons and she hoped she would have more happy afternoons with time to really relax. I walked over gave her a hug and pecked her on the cheek and said i hoped so too. That night I struggled to sleep thinking about the day and about her sexy body and of course big white panties which i hoped to see with my MIL filling them

To be continued............................................