Written by HappyAlex

30 Aug 2013

My grammar and spelling is pretty crap so please don't be too harsh on my Thatcher education writings.

Hello my name is Alex (39) my wife, in all but the eyes of the law is Sara (34). We have 2 kids and love each other very much. This is our story and every word is true as much as I can remember it.

Sara is about 5'2" tall, hair colour changes frequently, 34 D boobs, nice shaven pussy, good looking and has a feisty character (little did I know how feisty when it came too pulling men). I am about 6'4" tall slim...not quite as slim as I used to be, not ugly but I Sara is a league or two above me looks wise. I do have a reasonable sized cock only about 6" long but girth is above average.

It started when about 6 years ago, Sara was 28 I was 33. We were in bed playing with each other, talking about sexual fantasy’s as most couples do. We where talking about mine the usual MFF stuff, carrying on the same theme I asked Sara if the Idea of a MMF turned her on, I knew that she had fantasy’s of orgy’s when I first met her when she was 16 but that was over 10 years ago. 

Any way she replied it did turn her on but wasn’t sure she would make it a reality. All the while I am rubbing her clit and she’s getting wetter and wetter. For some reason the subject then went to fidelity and I had asked her if she had ever fucked/sucked anyone else while she was with me. She said no and asked me the same question, I truthfully replied no but I had the opportunity once. There was a german girl that worked for a TV company that made it clear she wanted me but I somehow managed to resist. :)

Sara then went on to tell me almost every time she goes pubbing and clubbing she pulls, although she does nothing with these men. For some reason this turned me on and I suggested to her maybe next time she goes out she should fuck one of these blokes she pulls.

At this point her pussy juice is flowing big time she pulls me on top of her and guides my cock inside her pussy. While I start to fuck her at a steady pace I tell her to emagine a strangers big cock inside her and how her geougous, wet, tight pussy was far to good not to be shared with others. I told her next time she goes out she has to find a nice cock to fuck. As soon as she started to cum (which wasn’t long) I had a huge orgasm with what felt like gallons of cum exploding deep inside Sara’s pussy.

In the after glow of of our sex we then talked about what I had said about her pulling on a night out. I told her I was serious and that she should go for it, but she wasn’t sure it would be a good idea.