Written by Down_and_Under

23 Nov 2012

We are Penny and Sheldon from Wales, we have been married for five years.We are both on our second marriage, If the truth be told, I was somewhat of a slut, ever since I lost my cherry early, and all though my first marriage.I vowed to be different this time around.

I am currently down in Melbourne Australia, visiting my Mother. I am all on my own, as Sheldon has work. Sheldon is always on this site reading the stories,and asking

me, if I would sleep with another guy, then tell him all the details while Wanking him off.I have always told him that I am not like that and that I am a good girl.

He had no knowledge of my past until now,he will think all his Christmas have come at once.This is what you always wanted so you can start getting off on this story.

In the five years we have been together,I have fucked five men, I am going to keep you guessing the details by just letting you have one story at a time. Two of the men

you know and two were affairs.I will leave the best to last,as one of the affairs is not yet over, you think I was good last time I was Here!!! well keep guessing till I spill the Beans.

Lover No 1

This was on our honeymoon in cap d'agde, you will remember how we went into the clubs, I was dressed very sexy, in my short dresses, without underwear. I know it got you off,

watching the other men ogeling me, and a few getting a free grope of my tits and even a few felt my wet pussy.We had so much sex that week, I know it turned you on

like crazy, thinking about what could happen. Well what could happen did, it was the night we had the little row and you stormed off, leaving me there all on my own,

I was not impressed so I thought right I am going to have some fun without you. I got up on to the dance floor. The men loved a girl dancing on her own, all this

attention was driving me wild. One young French lad aged about 20 was being very dirty with his dancing and his hands, as we danced close I could feel his hard cock

pressing into me.My promise to my self, to be good in this marriage went out of the window, as soon as I felt that cock pressing into me. I knew I had to fuck him!!

After a few minutes we moved to a dark corner on the dance floor where we took things to the next level,I think he had three fingers inside me and I thought I was

going to come there, I was so wet!

You know I would not go into the play rooms with you, but as he led me in, I had no resistance, he just led me in, pushed me down on the black cushions.

He pulled my little red dress down exposing my breasts, He then pushed it up exposing my pussy for all to see.

He the started to kiss every part of my body, sucking on both my nipples (you know how this turns me on) then he got down to my pussy, he must have been down

on me for a good ten minutes, before I came, I was so wet I could feel it running out of me.

Once I had cum, he came up and kissed me, his face tasted, of my juices, as we snogged, I felt him pushing his hard cock into my pussy,

I eased my legs apart to give him easy access, he pushed it right in, till I could feel his balls slapping my bum as he started to pound in to me.

I was in heaven, he must have been banging away for a good fifteen minuets.I was having lots of small cums.

All the time we were shagging,we were surrounded by lots of other men, in fact it was wall to wall men.I was aware of hands touching me, first on my arms and legs.

One guy was stroking my hair,I was just loving all the attention. At one time I had the French man's cock up me, a finger up my bum and both my nipples being bitten.

I had massive orgasm, followed by my young lover squiting his cum deep into my pussy.The other guys wanted there turns, but I came to my senses, covered my self up and

left quickly.

As I was walking back to the apartment, his spunk was slowly running out and down my legs. I was undecided as weather to tell you or not, I knew I had done wrong,

to have fucked a stranger, bareback and on our honeymoon. Had you not stormed off, it would not have happened. When I got in you were asleep,

so after a wash I slid in next to you.We had sex in the morning (your favorite time not mine) I found my self thinking if only you new!!

I was back to my slutish ways and it took less than a week.

To Be Continued.