Written by sandra

18 Oct 2012

The first part of this experience explained how I was seduced By Rob my 55 year old neighbour and myself just married at the tender age of 19. You can read the first part by just typing in Sandra and you will get the background to this final part. As I said before I felt very guilty that I was cheating on my husband but Rob was like a magnet I just could not help myself and I kept going back for more. Compared to rob I had limited sexual experience just three boyfriends before I met my husband who happened to have the smallest cock I have seen. A couple of weeks into this new development in my love life with Rob I was fucking him three days a week. Rob’s wife worked three days a week so this is when we spent a lot of time together sometimes spending all day in bed.

Rob bought me sexy outfits loved to see me wearing a little short black wraparound skirt with sheer stockings and open crotch knickers and a half cut bra. The only dignified way I could sit was to cross one leg over the other but this caused my skirt to fall open revealing my thighs up to my knickers. Rob told me that I have fantastic legs and that I was highly sexed girl a woman bursting to be released I felt a surge of sexual excitement and let my skit fall open all the way to the waist. I was clearly showing him the knickers he bought me got down between my open thighs and put his tongue between me pussy lips. Take my cloths off Rob no was his answer I love seeing you dressed like a tart. He said it reminds me of watching you put out the washing in that short mini skirt and showing you arse every time you bent down. I used to wank all the time knowing on day I would take you, and now your mine to do as I please. I know that you will not say no to me and you will let me fill your pussy full of spunk and I will wank knowing that your husband as no idea that you carry my sperm. My head was spinning at his words. I put my hand to the front of his jeans and felt his hard cock and I slipped down in front of him, unzipping his fly and letting his cock spring free. It is much fatter than my husband's, and when I put my hand round it to wank him, my fingers and thumb only just meet. This was the only other cock I'd touched since I first met my husband and I eagerly took him into my mouth whilst slowly wanking his fat shaft.

After a while Rob pulled me to my feet and we kissed again and while I wanked him he started fingering me through my open crotch knickers knowing I was being unfaithful to my husband. I felt an orgasm building and opened my thighs as wide as I could to give him full access. As I came I cried out 'finger my cunt and I grabbed his wrist trying to push his two fingers in even deeper. I came with a massive gush and I felt my knees buckle has Rob held me up with his arm around my waist. Rob then took me upstairs to my marital bed undressed himself, while I admired his big build and his equally big cock. His cock was standing upright, the foreskin pulled back to reveal his dark red cock head as he slowly wanked himself. He took off my open crotch knickers and began to stroke my very hairy pussy telling me how he knew my pussy would be hairy as he had seen the hairs on my knickers that he took from my laundry basket. I need your big cock inside me' I said not yet tart he snorted I have much to teach you and with that he knelt on the bed and pushed my legs back to my breasts. His head disappeared between my legs and he made me jump as he started to lick my puckered arse hole. I had never experienced this before and I felt dirty and told him no. That’s the first time he raised his voice to me telling me to shut the fuck up. I was really taken back but at the same time I began to enjoy the sensation it was giving me as slid two fingers inside my pussy.

Then Rob pulled my ass apart and slid a finger up my arse hole I could feel his finger rubbing together through the thin membrane of my pussy and arse hole. My head was spinning and I came with a massive orgasm. Then he pulled his finger from my arse and put it on my lips I guessed what he wanted me to do but I did not want to happen. His voice was stern like an order suck it bitch I opened my mouth gingerly and he pushed his finger right it again came the order suck it bitch suck it. To my surprise it did not taste bad and I greedily sucked that finger for all I was worth with his other hand he pulled me to the edge of the bed and put his cock between my pussy lips. I reached down and grabbed his balls, pushing his cock deep inside me and I immediately began to orgasm again as Rob rammed me into the bed. This was so much more forceful than my husband and I was screaming for to rob to fill my pussy, then within a few more stokes he flooded my pussy I could feel it filling me to the hilt. Do you like fucking another man now that you are a slut wife?' yes yes for ever yes I cried. I was consumed with lust and I told him I love 'his spunk inside me. I felt tremendously horny knowing that he could see my swollen fanny and now my little puckered anus too. And I had to admit to myself that' I loved the way he treated me and as he withdrew his cock he then began slapping my arse cheeks and pulling my anus apart again. I love your gorgeous arse' he panted, and began pushing his cock against my hole but I am so tight it was not going to work. Rob then went in the batch room and came back with shampoo and poured over my arse and his cock

Are you a slut 'Try me' was all I said, knowing full well what was now about to happen and slowly at first he pushed his cock into my waiting arse hole. Then as I grew accustom to his size I relaxed and let him fuck my virgin hole I was in seventh heaven as he fucked me with more force until he ejaculated inside my hole. After he withdrew I instantly knew what he wanted as he moved his cock to me face. I took his cock in my hand knowing just seconds before he had fucked my back passage and took the his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean of my arse juice. Over the weeks I became accustomed to this wonderful way of sex plus much more besides until my husband found out but that’s really is something else. Just the climax to come