Written by the husband

2 Jan 2011

My wife and I,have been married for nearly twenty years,things are still good between us,except it would be fair to say are getting a bit stale on the sexual side of things.

To spice it up a bit we began to watch a little porn,We both admitted that our biggest turn on was the interacial stuff,This soon progressed to her chatting online mainly to,well solely to black guys.Sometimes the chat really hit the mark,and guys would wank on cam when chatting to her,The chat with one guy really used to get heavy,and it always lead to us having great sex.Until one day he asked her to go on cam with him,Not really seeing any harm in this she agreed,Even though it was harmless i got so turned on by knowing my wife was being seen naked by this stranger.The sex that night was probaly the best we have ever had,And she admitted that as we fucked she had fantasised she was doing it with him,And i had to admit i had also been fantasising,she was giving herself to him.This went on for a few weeks,until he began to suggest they meet.We both agreed this would be a step to far but both of us knew it was something we wanted to happen.

So we decided to come clean,and that night when she went online she told him,that she was in fact married and i had been there all the time.His reply shocked us both,as instead of being annoyed he just said" put him online"Seeing no harm i agreed and his opening words really hit me,he just said as cool as anything"you know mate i am going to fuck your wife""you can be in on it or not but its going to happen"And once she has had black dick she will keep wanting more"My first reaction was that of annoyance but somehow i knew he was telling the truth,the bulge in my pants gave away my true feeling.

Over the next couple of weeks they carried on chatting and camming,only this time he was aware that i was there and if anything he was directing his chat more to me,about what he was going to do with her,until suddenly she announced "i want to meet him"

It did not come as a shock,and i wanted to reply i want you to.It took a lot of courage to arrange that first date,and quite frankly i was very nervous as was she,As we sat in the bar,I think both of us were secretly hoping he would not turn up,As a lot of whats said on the net,dont work out in life,But bang on time he walked in,His confidence far outweighed his size,and looking back it does shock me a little to think heres a guy who will probaly end up fucking my wife,and i like him,Suddenly i found myself inviting him back with us,it was one of those who said that moments.We called a cab and i just automatically got in the front.To be honest i may not as well have been there as they chatted away in the back.

Once we got indoors it really was as hough i had been there,i got us all a drink and by the time i returned from the kitchen with some ice i found thier mouths locked together,the funny thing was and i dont know why i noticed but it was her tongue doing the probing,Most guys at this point would have gone berserk but i just sat there,watching.As soon as he saw i was not going to react,He really went for it removing her clothes,he soon had her naked from the waist up and was really paying attention to her tits kneeding one whilst kissing and licking the other,And just by the look on Jans face it was obvious she was loving every second of it.Sliding out of his trousers he revealed his black cock for the first time and guided Jans hand to it which she began to wank,before moving down to take him in her mouth,I can only describe it as like watching a blue movie,but with no cameras and my wife playing the starring role.

After a while he motioned for her to remove the rest of her clothes which she did,and moving round parted her legs and went down on her,all the time making sure i had a good view as his tounge and fingers worked on her,Then moving around he guided himself into her,From the glazed look in Jans eyes i knew she was loving every second of it.He made sure i could see every thrust as his black cock went in and out of her,And as much as i hate to admit this his staying power was unbelievable,and by the distant look on Jans face you could see how much she was loving it,What i clearly rember was the sight of his tight black balls only being visable as he buried himself deep in her,My trance like state was only broken when i heard him say "I am coming baby" and her begging do it in me.and with a final thrust suddenly he was coming his seed deep into her,thier lips locked and they were kissing as he emptied every last drop in her,They stayed like this until he finally slipped from her and he made sure i saw the trickle of him,seeping from her pussy,

Jan just lay there with a totally satisfied look on her face,After a while he began to get hard again,but by now i really believe they had forgotten i was there,I watch as they began to make love again,only this time I really dont think he cared that i was watching,in a strange way it was like that one was for you,and this ones for me,all i could see was his black arse moving up and down as he pumped into her,and her legs wide apart to give him access,then suddenly he pulled from her, and guided himself to her mouth,saying open, i just caught a glimse of cum as he came in her mouth,and clearly remember her throat moving as she swallowed,something she had never done with me,again the look on her face,was one of pure satisfaction.He took her one more time before leaving,And looking back it was strange,here was a guy who had just fucked my wife three times and i was shaking his hand,

I returned to the lounge,and saw Jan lying asleep naked on the sofa,I wish i had taken a photo because she had a look of contentment and happiness on her face,that i had never seen before,I felt no temptation to have sex with her,so just covered her and went to bed,where i wanked myself silly.

In the morning,the atmosphere was a bit strained,but it was something we had both agreed to,so there was no rows,when we felt comfortable to talk about it,she admitted it was the best sex she had ever had,Adding the fact he was black made it naughty,and the fact i was watching really added to her excitement,So far thats been the one and only time,she has gone black as far as i know,She still goes in the chatrooms and its mainly black guys she chats to,So maybe theres been others,but i dont think so because after that night she has no reason to hide anything.