Written by A shocked husband

16 Feb 2012

We we are a typical average couple middle aged, kids off our hands living a quiet life

We both worked hard we have a bungalow that's almost paid for two cars so things not to bad really, the wife Monica or Mon as most people call her, for a woman in her mid forties she not bad looking she likes a laugh and joke some may say a bit flirtatious at times,we have always treated that a joke in fact at times its been a bit of a turn on for both of us, I have always joked she get a seeing to one day if she not careful, we used it as a game in bed sorter fantasized about her getting laid by some block

It was last summer, we had a BBQ and there seemed a lot of people turn up more than we envied, any way they all seemed to enjoying them self, I was on the grill Mon doing her hostess bit

The afternoon past and in the evening there was mostly the drinkers left, we had some music in the lounge a few people dancing and Mon by now had a few drinks so she was on form she had a few dances with a couple of blocks and been touched up a couple of times which I had spotted and seen her encourage them, by ten most had drifted off leaving five people three guys and couple one block was well pissed his mate got a taxi and they left that prompted the couple to go

I had gone into the garden to tidy up and was picking the the last of the beer cans up and put them in a black bag as I took it to the patio I looked in the window and there was Mon dancing with the last bloke he had really got to grips with her, so I watched to see what may happen,it was not quite what I was expecting Mon stared to snog him it wasn't jest a kiss this was a full on snog and his hands where all over her I could see she was not objecting, I watched for a few minutes as they turned I could see she had a hand between them rubbing his crotch, I was in a dilemma what to do should I rush in and brake it up or jest wait and watch and see how far she would go after a time they parted he sat on the sofa and Mon seemed to look around, maybe for me, she picked a glass up and left the lounge, I went into the kitchen and she was getting some wine, she looked at me a bit guilty there was a long pause till I chimed in saying are you okay Mon jest nodded,it was a awkward silence for a moment till I said your friend still here, she said yes a bit flushed and blushed,we jest looked at each other till I said I better keep out the way then, she hesitated then said only if you are sure its alright, I replayed yes I am sure, she hugged me and gave me a kiss saying I love you and left

I stood there watch her go, its was funny I think I was numb had I given my wife permission to go with a stranger I think I had,we never discussed it we joked about it I think it was all said in what we didn't say a few minutes before, then I started to think it a wind up, so I went out to look in the lounge window but the curtains where drown

I made my way back into the kitchen then into the hallway to the lounge door which was ajar I pushed it open a little more and I could see them both on the sofa in a passionate embrace, I was confused I didn't feel jealous it was wired I was more aroused if any thing I was getting a stiff on,by now he was groping Mon her blouse was undone and her bra pushed up both tits on view her nipples stiff and sticking out he had one breast in his hand squeezing it her skirt had ridden up to top of her thigh I could see her red panties, she had a hand inside his open flies, my wife pushed him back onto the sofa then slipped her blouse off and undid her bra and that came off, she then undid his belt and the button on his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles he kicked them off as they had a snog my wife was at the same time rubbing and holding a sizable cock in his underpants

I was gobsmacked it really looked like she was going to fuck him, she then bent down it looked like she was kissing his dick in his pants, I watch as she got both hand in his waistband and pulled his pants down as they came over his thighs I sore quite a large cock come into view, I court my breath it was long with a fat girth with dark veins running over it, the thing that stood out was his bell end it was like a mushroom on top of it he was circumcised that may of made it look bigger

As I watched my wife holding his cock she seemed to jest look at maybe comparing to my five inches that had satisfied her all these years, her head come down on it as it did her mouth opened she had a little first getting it in her mouth, she was soon sucking on it like there was no tomorrow it wasn't that long he must of got near cumming he pushed her off she moved up for a kiss still holding onto his dick

As they kissed he moved her round so she lay back on the sofa, I watch him suck each nipple and kiss down her tummy as he did that he pulled her knickers off he then went down on her with his back to me the sight I got was his bum with a really big pear of balls hanging under him and the top half of Mon her head was back and she was pulling on her own nipples as I watched I heard her gasp she arched up she was cumming she grabbed his hair and held him in place as she jerked on his face, as she calmed down he lifted him self up and knelt in front of her holding his cock my wife shifted her self to the edge of the sofa with her legs wide open the end of his dick almost touched her pussy lips he moved forward so it did touch he moved it to line it up with her opening and pushed there was a look of shock on my wife's face I heard her say OH MY GOD it was slow to start with with saying your fucking tight he then thrust with some force Mon then cried our JESUS CHRIST FUCK but he was there right up her it was then I leaned on the door and stumbled in to the room