Written by Lucky man

31 Aug 2018

I met my fiancee sarah 8 years ago after she left her ex of 10 years who was controlling & didnt like her going out with lasses,she missed her entire 20s

Anyway we met in may & she was very keen & lovely to be with,she was slim & sexy & i asked her if she would wear a pencil skirt 4 me,he didnt let her,so she started to wear them & i bought her some nice ones,i encouraged her to wear them on lases nights out which she did,i liked her looking sexy,she went to mexico with her best mate & was a bit distant after 1st few days & "left phone at hotel" i asked why no tx etc & she was evasive til finally admitting a lad at bar at her hotel had been complimenting her & she said she liked feeling attractive but had told him abt me,i left it at that but felt uneasy,i found out he had taken her to coco bongos but again as friends,she came home & we were fine,she lost her uncle & spent a week or 2 with her aunt & family but had been tx a lad who did her kitchen,i found she had deleted them & she swore it was innocent friends,as time went on i got more suspicious & a few times i found her acting awkward after night out with girls,i heard she had been asking lad round 4 coffee at her aunts but said was as friends,until i heard she was out in car with him,i asked repeatedly if she had cheated & after abt a week she said they fucked b4 we met but i knew it was recently so i pushed 4 truth,i was stunned to hear her admit shd was fucking him for almost a year & had been fucked on holiday,i was raging but found myself so horny i wanted details,she must have sensed it so told me everything,we fucked so hard so often & she wud admit to more cheating,i got off on it & she did 2 but i didnt expect to encourage her to dress hot & fuck lads and esp when she said i want yr mates,i was furious but liked how she needed the ultimate slutty fun & i had to say i was jealous but wanted her 2 fuck as many as possible,it turns out she had been with 3 and for months so it quickly escalated to her meeting lads at work or nights out,even in my car,but wen she said she loved bein a slut & was not stopping i was so horny i begged her to let me buy her clothes & she loved it,she has pulled wen out with me,brought lads home & had me pay 4 black escorts to come round & fuck her! She loves to tx sayin shes fuckin another lad & knows i get off on it so shes now cuckolded me & is my slutwife and makes me watch in our bed which is lush i never thought id love a slut fiancee but its amazing