Written by Smiler

15 Oct 2015

It has now been almost two weeks since my wife fucked her ex working college in our front room, which she did with my full approval and witnessed as I stood in our living room doorway. Having discussed the arrangements I was happy for her to proceed meeting him for sexual pleasures providing it was always in a safe environment and that she always carried her mobile with her should she need assistance.

They have now met on several occasions now being that the flames of passion are burning brighter than eve,r and on her return has provided me with the graphic details that had taken place and what she wanted to do with him at their next meeting, which left me wondering why she had not gone down this route in our marital bed.

Last night being Saturday, she announced they would be away for the weekend and just thinking about it was making her horny as hell and hoped to be filled full of cum by midnight. As I waved her goodbye and saw them drive off together, I decided to have an early tea and be off to the pub to watch the rugby and a few pints. Just as I was about to leave the door bell rang and on opening the door was confronted by a women holding a CD disk in her hand saying " do you want your dirty washing aired on the street, or shall I come in and show you what your slut wife is up to with my son in law. I quickly ushered her in hoping that no one was in ear shot of her outburst.

Once inside I tried to take control of the situation by sitting her down and asking her if she wanted a cup of tea or something stronger. Large gin and tonic came the reply then put this CD on and pour one yourself your gonna need it. As requested once she had a drink I put the CD on and saw immediately my naked wife with her lover engaged with two other men who were taking it in turns to fuck her bareback, as she demanded other sexual positions like being spit roasted. The women then informed that she intended to show her daughter what her husband was up to with my wife and that as a consequence of this everyone would know what my wife was up to with a younger cock.

Just as I was about to switch off the CD. My wife opened her legs and exposed her hairy cunt which was oozing cum, one of the guys said what a mess and that she should get me to clean it up when I got home, My wife replied maybe I should bring him along and that he could clean me up after every cum shot. They all laughed including the women who was sat on my sofa . My wife then said Hi darling remember the surprise I said I would give you, well this is it, Hope you enjoyed Jenny's performance and that she didn't frighten you too much with her ranting on the door step, now the both of you enjoy yourselves" bye".

As I turned around Jenny smiled and said what about it, your wife's a game old bird, and she's now getting the cock that I used to get from my son-in-law

and its been two weeks since I last had a fuck and I'm not bad in the sack. She then came over and whispered in my ear what my wife was expecting when she gets back and only her could show me how to do it.