Written by peater

25 Oct 2012

First a little about us we are as I thought a happily married couple Kay my wife is now forty two and I am ten years older I have worked in the oil industry for meanly years that means I am away from home quite a bit Kay has always excepted this as for her she was a mother house wife now the children have flown the nest she has a job

Kay is still an attractive woman with a good figure after two kids I think she dress down not up but I think that's from being at home with family for years our sex life well its more routine we have been in rut as far as that go's for a long time

This story started months ago thinking about after Kay started working she did start taken interest in her appearance a lot more new cloths and things I think I did comment how smart she looked time pasted I was away and home as I have always done and it was on one home coming Kay was not quite herself a little on edge with me I sensed some thing but couldn't quite put my finger on it

It was the same for the next couple of times home and our phone calls when I was away I got a feeling she want to say some thing but didn't at the time I was in the middle of the north sea then one day she said would I mind if she went out with a friend I said you know you can you don't have to ask I did add who was it Kay jest said a friend from work you don't know them I jest assumed it was another woman a couple of day later I asked if she had a nice time with her friend there was a pause as she was thinking then she said oh yes then went on to say her car needs an MOT soon what should she do after telling her to take it to the guy that looks after our cars the call was over

I got home a week or so later, two things stood out I usually get my leg over but was put off saying she was to tired and had to wait till the next night and it seem as if it was a chore for her and the couple of weeks I was home there wasn't cuddles and things and she said she like to have the evening out but didn't like to in the end she did and she was upstairs getting ready when she cam down she had a coat on done up and said good by as she went out that seemed a bit funny and I was thinking she be home about ten I had gone to bed when she got in it was well past midnight and when she got into bed she had a nightdress on and seemed to go straight to sleep

It was the phone call when I had gone back that made me wonder I called the house no answer then her mobile three times when she answered it sounded as if she was outside but I sure there where voices and music in the background she said she was walking back from the shop and couldn't talk I was thinking what bloody shop I left it and then called the house no reply then her mobile that was off the next evening I called and ask what happened she told me the battery had gone flat and she stopped to talk to some one and missed me after that she started ringing me always early evening

I was now getting to suspected some thing was going on but what, was I making to much of this Kay is jest not the sort to play about

It was a month later I was told I had to go on some courses to get me up to speed on things and I was to have my leave then go on the courses I never told Kay about this Where I was going was not that far away from home an hour or so drive but they put in a hotel some of the courses where jest a day meaning they finish mid afternoon

I was right finished in the afternoon the first day I then drove home getting there about three left the car up the road and walked, in the house all seemed normal till I got into our bedroom the bed had been made up fresh and a short black dress hung outside the wardrobe Kay must of got it out before going to work

I didn't know what I was looking for really, I knew I had to get away by five it was jest after that my phone rang I let it ring she think I am on my way out to a rig, it was dark I moved the car down to where I could see the house she was home her car was there I waited two hours I must of nodded off I looked up and there was a car pulling up the drive a man got out and went to the front door he looked smartly dressed the door opened there was Kay she had that black dress on she kissed him on cheek they went in to say I was stunned was a understatement I didn't know what to do

I sat in the car for some time trying to sort out what to do next I got out and made my way to the house all the curtains where closed I made my way to the back I was shaking as my key went in the backdoor in the kitchen a mans jacket hung over a chair as I got to the hall I could hear voices then a giggle which must of been Kay I had got to lounge door which was half open I stood there and licensed it had gone quiet then a low moan a deep male moan mixed in what seemed like a wet sound I eased the door open a little and could see a pear of shoes that must of been kicked off a tad more and there was some trousers crumpled in a hep with pants beside them then one of Kay's shoes

I pushed the door and there in front of me on the sofa was a half naked man laid back legs parted and stretched out with his eyes closed and on the other side of him my wife bent over him holding a cock in both hands and her head bobbing up and down over the end sucking for all she was worth at this stage they didn't notice me I was dumbfounded time had stopped still as I watched she was wanking it as well as sucking it one thing hit me how big it was big veins sticking out it was really fat her fingers didn't meet round it

He let a deep groan she lifted her head and wanked it really fast she had her mouth open

he groaned twice more pushed his hips up gasped he jerked a jet of spunk shot out up her face into her hair before she got her mouth over the end she sucked hard he jerked and gasped quite a few time I could see she was swallowing his cum

Kay sat up looking pleased the line of cum across her face some on her chin and the corner of her mouth it was like a still frame she still had hold of his not quite as hard cock it had a large bulbous bell end the foreskin pulled back I them noticed her dress was open both breasts hanging out with rock hard nipples she couldn't of had a bra on it was not till she bent down to lick the last drop of cum off his dick did he look up she was doing that he was looking at me then sheer panic sat in he pushed her away and tried to cover himself up I hears him say OH MY GOD Kay was then looking my way she screamed out it was mayhem for as few seconds

IT was Kay that said what fuck as you doing home some how I said what are you doing the guy looked like he wanted to run but had nowhere to go Kay was about to cry all I said I see you in the kitchen ans waked off she rushed in holding her dress together looking a mess almost shouting what are you doing here if you like to know more do ask