Written by WOW

9 Mar 2016

L had been a married neighbour for many years, I always fancied her, but she put up the persona of not liking or wanting sex, which turned me on more. She had wonderful hair, nicely built with 36 DD tits which for a titman is always a turn on. In the mid 80's her old man left her and ultimately she was divorced but I did not think my chance would ever come. Then my opportunity came, her kids went to their fathers for the weekend, so I invited her round, she liked red wine, so I ensured it was at room temperature and I also obtained a porn video in the hope this would encourage her. She came round the back door, she looked wonderful, though I could not be sure if she was up for it. I was longing just to grab hold of her and kiss her passionately, but I held back with just a peck on the cheek. She smiled, so I was still unsure.

After some small talk over a glass of wine , which soon turned to two, I suggested we put on the porn, surprisingly she agreed. As we sat back, my arm around her, I soon started kissing her neck, I could feel her breathing speed up and soon we were kissing with a passion I not experienced before. She started clawing at my clothes pulling my shirt off and unzipping my trousers. This was the trigger, before long we were naked on the settee, writhing and kissing all parts of our bodies. She got down and gave me a blow job like no other, yet here was a girl who supposedly did not like sex. Her pent up innerself had exploded, not only was the earth moving the universe had exploded. My cock soon entered her, she cried out for more, she had not had sex for a long time and hell didn't she show it. My head went between those delicious tits, I started sucking her inviting nipples, she lifted one of her tits to her face and stated sucking it, this was a turn on even more. She came before me, but kept going and then we came together, this was sex like I never had before. We slowly came to a halt, the video was still going, we kissed again, this time more slowly as we were exhausted. This was the beginning of a relationship that would continue for 18yrs of illicit sex because I was married. We had many a wonderful time of stolen sex, more of which I will write about later