Written by Virgin Carly

13 Oct 2009

The deed was done. I’d lost my virginity to my 64 year old mechanic boss on the couch in his office. I don’t really think he expected to take things that far but things had sort of got out of control one day when he was deliberately sexually teasing me. Dave had enjoyed teaching me lots of things and said I was a good pupil but we’d never had actual intercourse. He’d teased me for weeks but I enjoyed our lessons. He’d taught me how to play with him, lick him, swallow him and he insisted I wasn’t to wear underwear under my work skirt. He checked every morning. I’d stand next to his desk and he would part my legs and run his hands up and over me. I got a thrill knowing that I’d pleased him. The day he came inside me he was like a madman. He said it was because he’d spent too long holding himself back.

“Now that you’re officially a woman,” Dave laughed, “I suppose you’ll be wanting a payrise?” I giggled at that. “No, but my birthday is next week so what are you going to give me?” I asked shyly. He said he’d see what could be arranged and that I might get the special treat he’d been promising me after all. I couldn’t guess what it might be.

A few days before my 19th birthday, Dave asked me if I was still keen for a treat. Of course I was! Instead of me getting the bus home as usual on Friday after work, Dave said he and his employees would first have some birthday drinks with me in the office and if I was a very good girl, he might even be persuaded to take me somewhere for the night. I knew just how to be a good girl for Dave. I was over the moon and couldn’t wait for Friday to come around.

After work, one of Dave’s friends, Neville turned up and Michael, Simon and Greg (Dave’s mechanics) opened the fridge in the tearoom and got the booze out. There was also a cake in there with a pink 19 on it. They sang Happy Birthday to me and we had cake and I was handed a glass of white wine while they all drank harder liquor. I’m normally quiet and don’t say too much but I was enjoying being the centre of attention. I had another glass of wine and really started feeling more relaxed. It was a fun atmosphere but after a while Greg, the apprentice and Simon and Michael had to go home but Neville and Dave and me were still sitting around enjoying ourselves. Neville often popped in after work so he was part of the furniture.

Neville was teasing me as usual and said something about me being too shy to ever get laid. I felt my face turn red and Dave said, “I bet our Carly has a few secrets. It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch, Nev.” I thought this was a hint for me not to say anything about me and Dave. As if I would. But then he went on to say, “I bet she doesn’t even wear knickers.” I was shocked he would say that because it was because of him that I didn’t. Did he want me to prove it in front of Neville? I was a bit confused.

I took another swig of my wine and held my empty glass up. “If you fill this up for me I’ll show you if I do or don’t,” I said, full of bravado. I waited for Dave to object but he didn’t say a word. “You’re on!” said Neville, and quickly poured me another drink. I was a bit nervous about any man other than Dave seeing my naked body but the wine was helping so I drained the full glass to give me a bit more confidence. “Come on,” urged Neville, “give us a look then.” Dave said nothing but sat there with a sly grin on his face. He looked pleased and I wanted to make him proud of me so I raised my skirt up slowly inch by inch. “Tease” said Neville. I kept lifting my skirt slowly until there was nothing left to hide. Neville sat there stunned with his mouth gaping and Dave moved closer. Dave ran his hands up and over my bare skin and said how wonderful I was for showing them both. I was surprised that Dave would touch me in front of Neville but happy that I’d pleased him and between the wine and his hands on me, I was feeling really sexy and lost all thoughts of embarrassment.

“How’s about we show Neville just what a good girl you are for old Dave, eh?” he said. I smiled and sat down next to Dave on the couch. He gently pushed me back and separated my legs and slowly undid the buttons on my blouse. The wine had made me lose all inhibitions. One of his hands was between my legs and his mouth was on my tit. I closed my eyes. Dave was making me feel so good.

Suddenly I felt another mouth on my breasts, then hands tweaking and squeezing my nipples and I opened my eyes to find Neville on the other side of me, playing with me too. I was shocked, but far too excited to stop either of them. “That’s a good girl, Carly,” Dave encouraged. “Show Uncle Neville some of the clever things I’ve taught you.” Uncle Neville? I nearly giggled because it was kind of funny because he’s nothing like my uncle. Anyway, I sat up and went to unzip Dave’s pants but he moved my hands to Neville’s trousers instead. “No, not on me. Show Uncle Neville properly.” I knew what he expected me to do and I wanted him to be proud of me so I unzipped Neville’s pants and took out the engorged penis straining at his underwear. Meanwhile Dave undid his own trousers. “Oh fuck,” Neville groaned as I took him into my mouth, “I can’t…aggh…fuckin’ believe it.” With my mouth full, I looked up at Dave who was now wanking himself with one hand and sliding his fingers into me with the other.

Neville held the back of my head and pushed in and out of my mouth. I did everything I’d been taught and was getting so wet. It was exciting. The moment I came on Dave’s hand he knew and withdrew his fingers, smearing my juices up and around my slit and backside. Neville was still moaning and enjoying my sucking, tongue swirling technique on his throbbing knob, guiding my head with his hands.

“Tell her if you think she’s being a good girl,” said Dave, “Carly loves it when she knows I’m happy with her.” “Oh fuck yeah,” said Neville looking down at me, “You arrrrre, Carly,” he groaned, “You’re a good, gooooood little girl.” I could feel his movements getting harder and faster and Dave had taught me the signs of when a man was about to cum so I knew Neville was getting close. The more they both called me a good girl, the more worked up I got. Then Neville started saying, “Oh fuck, fuck, I’m cumming, oh fuck.” He tried to pull out of my mouth but I knew Dave would want me to swallow Neville’s load because that’s what he’d taught me to do with him so I kept sucking and massaging his balls and then Neville lost it in a frenzied explosion inside my throat.

“My turn precious,” said Dave, and moved to take Neville’s place. “Do me good, Carly, do me real good. I’m so fuckin’ horny right now.” I hadn’t seen Dave that excited in ages and knew he wouldn’t take long to cum. He’d been really turned on by seeing me sucking Neville that he started thrusting into my spermy mouth for all he was worth and it was over in minutes.

My real 19th birthday treat happened after the three of us left the garage.