Written by SusieQ

4 May 2010

Had to let you Know that hubby and I went to Newcastle for the long week-end to visit John and C and the wonderful time we had. After John and C left us John phoned me a few days later to say C regretted what we had done begged John`s forgivness and it would not happen again, so he could not see if we visited anything happening, I said play it cool see how it develops. And so last week C phoned would we like to visit if we had the long week-end which we said yes to. On the journey to Newcastle hubby and I discussed what we thought would happen but as I always say do not push play it cool and see what develops.

We arrived on Friday evening and I could see C was a little nervous but still glad to see us. That evening went well just general chat and a bottle of wine and so to bed again hubby and I having noisy sex.

Next day a pub lunch hubby nominated driver so John, C and I sharing a couple of bottles of wine. We were giggly and C and I sat in the back of the car, me whispering dirty stories in her ear my tongue occassionally brushing her ear lobe and my hand resting on her thigh. I could see John glancing behind to see what we were up to and I knew his cock would be straining hopeing we would start something I also saw hubbys hand reach over and stroke Johns thigh. When we arrived back John said to hubby would he like to see what he done to the garden which I knew was lets play and of course I so much wanted to watch but I went into the house with C. As soon as we were alone C said you know the last time you shaved me would you do it again for me her face was scarlet but those glasses of wine had made her ask for what she wanted. I said yes go to the bedroom and I will join you in a minute I looked out of the window and saw hubby on his knees at the bottom of the garden giving John a blow job so kneww they would be occupied for a little while. On entering the bedroom C was on the bed naked a towel under her bottom half a razor and foam beside her. I said well if you are naked so will I and stripped of, I knew she was excited her nipples were rock hard and an image of a cock being pumped between those tits and spunk on her face made me shudder with excitement. I parted her legs and went to work C was trembling she could not stop her juices flowing out of her, she lay there eyes closed fists clenched. When I finished I rubbed some cream on her pussy very gently, her hips arched up to my hand. I lay beside her on the bed picking up her hand placed it on my tit whispering squeeze it, she did, her eyes remained closed. I pulled her face towards me gently kissing her her mouth opened my tongue darted in. With a gasp she pulled back eyes opening wide at the shock that she had responded.

We lay side by side I pulled her close our tits rubbing against each other I kissed her long and deep our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths, I whispered you want me to go down on you she nodded and my mouth slowly ran down her body till I was at my goal, she spread her legs wider her thighs were soaked in her juices. My tongue flicked over her clit her first orgasm shuddered through her body,lick, lick, my tongue into her hole her hands on the back of my head pushing me into her. I got 2 fingers into her hot sticky hole finger fucking her hard her groans of pleasure coming loud and fast. I came up for air her groan of protest at me stopping, its your turn now and I pulled her over pushing her down to my very wet pussy a little reluctant at first but soon she was licking me and sucking on my juices and enjoying it. As she was working on me I noticed that John and hubby standing in the doorway watching us with a hard cock in there hands slowly wanking. John came up behind C his fingers plunging into her pussy from behind his cock rubbing at her arse, she started to pull away but I pushed her head back to my pussy holding her there as John mounted her from behind and started to fuck her,and soon she was to far into her next orgasm to care what what was happening. I said John fuck her tits and he pushed her onto her back straddling her pushing his cock between them, and so my fantasy of seeing him fuck them was coming true within minutes his hot spunk was jerking out of his cock covering her face and mouth, her scream of pleasure as he came, I knew this was a regular occurance for them.

John and C fell back onto the bed and I went over to hubby dropped to my knees taking his cock in my mouth and slowely started to suck him of he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth the sight of John and C on the bed with her covered in spunk would be turning him on as he came he pulled out jerking spunk over my face and tits. I stood up and looked at the bed C I think couldn`t quite take in that she had watched me suck of hubby and it had excited her, beause her hand was on John`s limp cock trying to wank him back to life.

After we cleaned up we all dressed and had a long talk about what happened C asking lots of questions and the only thing we did not say was about hubby and John geting it of together I don`t think she is quite ready for that yet.

The rest of the week-end was taken up by same room sex with C eventually leting hubby fuck her and watching John fuck me. Some of her inhibitions are still there and I no watching John fuck me was a little unsettling but she wants to visit us again or even go on holiday rogether so who knows what will happen but as it stands it is good. As I said to her when we were alone it is what she is comfortable with but taking sexuality to mthe next level can be exciting.