Written by jjfisher7

17 Oct 2007

The wedding reception was coming to a close and we sat in the lounge bar having a night cap before retiring to our room. We were the only couple in the bar until Jim came in. He waved and offered to buy us a drink which we accepted. Jim sat down and we chatted. He told us that he was stranded as there were no rooms left and would have to spend the night in his car as he couldn’t drive after having a few drinks.

Jim was a pleasant chap about 24, slim and very fit looking. He had danced with my wife a couple of times that evening and they seemed to get on well despite her being nearly 40. Jim excused himself to go to the toilet and my wife suggested that he could use the spare bed in our triple room. I thought about that for a minute then jokingly said.

“As long as he doesn’t try anything with you during the night.”

“Chance would be a fine thing”, she replied.

“Oh really”, I responded, “Fancy a younger guy then do you?”

“Mmmmmm,” she replied wistfully, “Might be interesting.”

I felt myself immediately aroused. The thought of a threesome stirred my imagination.

“Ok, lets do that.” When he comes back you go off to the loo and I’ll mention it”

When Jim returned Angela excused herself and left for the ladies. I mentioned to Jim that we had the spare bed and he was welcome to use that. I jokingly mentioned that Angela was in a horny mood and that he might not be safe. He blushed a bit and mentioned that she was a very attractive and sexy woman.

“Would you like to shag her,” I said, getting straight to the point.

“Wouldn’t you mind?” he asked, “I have fancied being with a couple for a long time.”

I replied that the thought was very exciting and when Angela came back I told her that Jim would be happy to use the spare bed. I also mentioned that he had complimented her on her looks and dress. She flushed slightly.

We made our way to the room, and once inside we dimmed the lights. I reached over to Angela and kissed her neck then lips. She seemed to be burning. As Jim watched I removed her jacket then undid the back of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She stood in the dim light in just black lacy bra, suspenders, g-string and stockings and looking extremely sexy. Jim stood transfixed as I ran my hands all over her body and could feel her tingling with anticipation. I sat her on the edge of the large bed and stripped off my clothes, urging Jim to do the same. We sat on each side of her and I kissed her lips then started to move down her body. Jim started kissing her and they were getting pretty excited. As I reached her thighs, I undid her g-string and then probed her very wet and hot pussy with my tongue. Her moans were getting very loud. I looked up and saw Jim unclip her bra and then lick and suck on her firm nipples. He alternated between kissing her lips and sucking on her nipples while she in turn reached for his cock and started to stroke it. As they lay back on the bed, I pulled her legs up and buried my tongue on her clit. By this time Angela was moaning louder and louder. I saw Jim move up her body and lifted her head to turn it towards his impressive cock. She gasped as it moved towards her move then she wrapped her lips around the head and then licked and sucked on him. I ran my finger over her clit as I licked on her pussy. Very soon she shuddered then moaned loudly as the orgasm swept through her. Immediately I moved up and lay bedside her as she gasped for breath. Jim slid down off the bed and spread her legs before sinking his entire length into her. I turned her head towards me and thrust my throbbing cock into her mouth. As Jim moved slowly, Angela lifted her legs higher and pushed harder and faster with her thighs. Soon they were thrusting at each other, moaning and groaning in pleasure. Angela sucked harder on me and within a minute we all came together in one burst of pleasure. The rest of the night is another story though