Written by gardeninggirl

9 Feb 2015

The Whistle . . .

I had the day at home, it was a beautiful sunny day and the house was filled with sunlight. Wearing a pair of grey jazz pants that were hipsters and clung to my bum and thighs, teamed with a white wide necked short-sleeved loose t-shirt. I was methodically working through my list of jobs, washing, cleaning – the usual jobs that needed doing. I had the radio on, and radio 2 was filling the house with its mix of old and new music, the day had a bounce in its step helped by the beat of the tracks making me dance around the chores.

With the spare bedroom finished, crisp cotton bedding nicely fluffed, another tick off the list I was feeling good. Then I heard it, my mobile whistled . . . my heart started to race as there was only one person with the whistle tone, fumbling quickly I picked the phone up and there was a message . . . ‘you fancy a snog’ . . . with a broad smile on my face “yes please!” I replied . . . after a few seconds I received ‘you free now’ . . . oh god, yes I was, but did I look ok, am I smooth in all the right places, should I shower first, my mind raced, but my fingers calmly replied ‘the doors open’ and I scrambled to get myself ready. Glancing in the mirror my hair and face seemed ok, I hadn’t time to shower though I knew my body was how he liked it . . .

Before I knew it, I heard the door open, I rushed downstairs and found him standing there, all 6 foot of him, looking lustful, black jeans showed off his muscular thighs and snugly fitting his firm butt, his blue shirt revealed some hairs on his chest, fabulously manly, sleeves rolled at the cuff a couple of times showing is strong arms. Our eyes locked and he walked towards me, lifted me up and kissed me, keeping constant contact with my hungry mouth. He put me down on the bottom step of the stairs and I scampered up those stairs with him right behind me. I lead him to the spare room and he spun me round and started to finger tease my nipples through the t-shirt, which by now had slipped over one shoulder. I felt fabulously exposed to him and he loved it. He drew me in closer and kissed me long deep and sensually – I knew time was of the essence with these meets, but he took his time and the world seemed to stand still for all but us. His tongue played with mine, and I played back, it was exhilarating, my heart racing and my body responding in every way possible. I could feel my erect nipples, my fanny swelling with arousal, the moistness increasingly building, my levels of yearning so high I couldn’t wait for him to take me. He slid his hand into my pants and felt my wetness, “how delicious” he breathed into my ear.

I gently pushed him back so I could take a breath, I undid his belt and jeans and they fell to the floor, his boxers quickly followed, he kicked them all to the side and kicked off his boots. He was already unbuttoning his shirt so within a second he stood before me, cock erect and standing proud, naked and every bit a hunk of a man. I sat on the edge of the bed with him standing over me and licked his dick. He gasped and put his hands on my shoulders, I teased and ran my tongue along his length, over the end, him mewing wanting my mouth around him now. I made him wait just a little then surrounded it with my mouth sliding my lips all the way down, sucking him in as I did. He leaked a little and the taste thrilled me knowing how much he wanted me. He instinctively pushed himself into my mouth almost making me gag; I drew up long and slow much to his delight. I rose to my feet, turned us both round and pushed him back onto the bed. He was laid on his back, offering his body to me for my enjoyment, with his hands behind his head he looking at me, visually daring me to be his guest. I bent over him and again sucked his hot thickly swollen manhood, rhythmically taking him in as deep as I could, curling my tongue around, sucking and flicking, my mouth salivating making the sound of wetness electrify the air.

I climbed onto the bed and straggled him, holding his moist dick I rubbed it along my fanny, backwards and forwards, stimulating my already erect clitoris even more, I angled his manhood so on the slightest tilt of my pelvis he would enter me. I slowly did just that, and he closed his eyes relaxed his head back, and he penetrated me, tightly, deeply and instantly set off a chain reaction. He grabbed my hips pulling me down onto him, our bodies started to grind on each other, him wanting to be in as deep as he could get, and me wanting him in as deep as he could get, we gyrated and I rode him hard, with my hands on my boobs through the t-shirt, a tanned shoulder exposed, I squeezed my tits, playing with my sensitive nipples, ramping up the senses even more. Keeping one hand on my right boob, my other hand went between my legs. I felt the silkiness of my wet fanny, I felt my button like clit, I felt his dick inside me and I rubbed, he grabbed me tighter pulling me harder onto him, I placed my hands on his chest to steady myself and rode him, him pushing back, it was physical, I gasped and started to groan, he wanted to pleasure me, so I let him. The rhythm was so fast, his body so taut and strong, his dick hitting a g-spot I couldn’t stop, I inwardly rose to such a height of an orgasm my breath stopped. The wave swept over me like a tidal wave, heart banging out of my chest, my face was flushed, my body beaded with sweat and the smell of sex filled our senses. As I slowly came back to reality, he sat up still erect and hard inside me, his lips on mine, he lifted me up, spun us round and laid me on my back. The music in the house from the radio suddenly seemed louder as Tina Arena ‘Chains’ joined us, he paused a second as he too realised the tune, how apt the lyrics were and with his eyes boring into me, a smile across his face he used the rhythm of the track perfectly.

He pulled my bum to the edge of the bed, he lifted my legs up and supported them on his chest, one on each side, his feet firmly on the floor, with arms wrapped round my straight legs, he pushed himself in and out of my amazingly silky pussy. I sucked my fingers and tasted myself, wrapping my tongue around my fingers for him to watch. He got hold of my wrists and pulled my arms down by my sides, I was now trapped in his strong grasp. He leaned his torso into me stretching my legs; he held my arms down he had full control of me with his strength and dominance, which turns me on. He started to slam into me making my whole body judder, his anticipation was tangible and getting anxious. With my total surrender to his thrusts he released me and told me to roll over. Without a second thought I was on my hands and knees, backed up so he could reach me from where he stood. I relaxed my arms down, face on the cool crisp cotton duvet, and he placed his hot hands on my hips, ‘fuck me, fuck me hard’ I whispered to him, and he instantly started to bang into me, it was so hard and strong I had to relax to absorb his length, he started to groan and shake, his hands were getting hotter almost scorching into my skin, I wanted him to come so bad. The tremble started, the banging of his balls onto my pussy lips exhilarating me as I knew his was totally engrossed in the raw sex we were joined in. Again and again he banged into me then he held himself in deep, I couldn’t move, not that I wanted to anyway, I held my breath, kept totally still and he filled me with his hot spunk, his relief filled the room . . . he relaxed down on top of me, gradually regaining his breath, the weight of his body squashing me into the bed, though I was trapped, it was the perfect place to be . . . after a few minutes and after soft mutterings of “thank you” and asking if I felt better for that, he pushed himself off me, took to his feet, legs shaky and went to clean himself in the bathroom.

I rolled over onto my back, looked towards the door and smiled at the door opposite. He came back in head back into work mode and where he needed to be, thinking of the excuses for his potential lateness, quickly dressed, kissed me and let himself out, I heard his car leave the drive.

I placed a hand over my full fanny and went to the room opposite . . . our bedroom, to be grabbed by you and hugged, I quickly lay down on our bed, you were already hard and aroused, beaming all over your face, the smell of sex on me. You touched my extra sensitive swollen pussy lips with your wanting fingers, and with a tiny squeeze I made his come start to gush out of me, trickling between my cheeks. You fingered me as I lay smiling but exhausted, and you wanked over me, your white come squirting over my body groaning with pleasure as you do, reaching an orgasm that had been building the whole time you watched me in the spare room. You lay naked on your back next to me and I wrap my leg over your thigh, my arm over your chest, content and snuggled in, we both drift off into a relaxed fulfilled utopia . . . “when do you think he’ll whistle again?” you asked . . .