Written by YorkieBar121

2 Feb 2017

I moved back into the home I grew up in after my parents died as I'd remarried and love the village. Next door was a couple who's son I'd grown up with. A few years ago the man died which left his widow living alone. I said that if she needed anything to let me know as I'm handy at DIY. She turned 70 a few months ago and I'm in my early 40s. She still looks good as she walks and plays squash. Nice slim figure which has never changed. I remember as a boy seeing her sun bathing topless in her back garden from my bedroom window a few times. After her husband died I always cut her lawns when I do mine and have redone her garden for her. Now and again when I pull up on my drive she pops over to ask me to do small jobs for her like changing light bulbs etc. She had gone to her sons for a week last week and asked if I'd look at the handle on the bathroom door as it sometimes stuck open while she was away. I have a key as I move her mail and do her curtains when she goes away. I repaired the handle as fitting a new one wouldn't have fitted the door in the same place. She came home the other evening. I'd just got in from work when my phone rang. It was her saying thank you for doing the handle. I said I'd pop round in abit to explain why I hadn't replaced it. She said ok but she was just going for a bath first. I waited until I saw her bathroom light go out and waited 5 minutes then knocked on her door. I'd timed it right. She was still in her dressing gown. Just a normal grey one but quite short. She invited me in and I could see as she walked into the living room it was just covering her nice arse. She sat down and I sat opposite her. I could see more leg and thought that she must be naked underneath it. I'd said some flirty things to her over the past year and wrote that she was still sexy and gorgeous in her birthday card. We chatted about her time at her sons. Then I said I'd show her what I meant about the door handle on the bathroom. I followed her upstairs and had a great view of her naked arse. As we got to the bathroom I saw her clothes on the floor which she quickly picked up embarrassed. Only to leave her bra behind. I picked it up and passed it to her saying with a smile that she didn't have to strip off on my behalf. Again she was embarrassed but I got the feeling she liked my comment. We talked about the door handle with me saying it's different to the others and I couldn't get one the same size. Pointing to the one on her bedroom door. We walked over and she realised what I meant. She said she had never realised they were so different. With us both in her bedroom I started to feel movements in my pants. Especially with the thoughts going through my mind. She asked me how much did she owe me. I said just a kiss will do. Embarrassed again she smiled. I moved closer and put my arms around her as I went to kiss her. She kissed me and went to pull away. I held her gently and pulled her into me as I kept kissing her. She must have noticed my bulge as she put her arms around me. We kissed for a minute then I moved to her neck and slowly and sensually kissed down from her ear. Her skin so soft and smelt so good after her bath. She sighed and said she hasn't been kissed like that for a lot of years and she had only been with her late husband. I lifted her gown up to feel her naked arse and she didn't object. I slowly pulled open her gown and let it fall to the floor. Standing totally naked in front of me I said she looked amazing and I'd often thought about her when I was a boy. I kissed down her neck to her breasts. Taking it in turns to suck her hard nipples. I took her hand and placed it on my bulging trousers and said she turns me on. I pushed her onto the bed and I stripped off as she laid there looking at me. I slowly and sensually kissed her from her mouth all the way down her body to between her legs. Her legs were smooth but she still had pubes. It had been awhile since I had hair pie but I didn't care. I delved my tongue deep inside her making her gasp and grab the sheets. I licked and sucked her clit giving her an intense orgasm making her almost hit the ceiling. It was then that I offered my cock to her wet hole. I slowly slid it in. So gently as it was tight from her not having sex for years. She soon took my whole length as I slowly fucked her. Sliding one hand round onto her arse. She wrapped her legs around me and moved her body to my thrusts. She was so vocal I was hoping my wife couldn't hear next door. I moved my hand from her arse and put my finger in her mouth as she sucked away then I moved it back to her arse and slowly massaged her arsehole. Slowly pushing my wet finger into her arse while I fucked her faster. Harder and deeper. Her body was shaking with pleasure then she came big style as I fingered her arse and fucked her pussy. It was like she had been electrocuted. Then I came inside her. Both gasping we lay together then I slowly finger her. Feeling my spunk seeping out I went down on her and cleaned her up. Once clean she rolled me over and cleaned me up telling me I shouldn't go home with any telltale signs. She said she liked that my cock was shaved and said she had never thought about shaving herself until now. I got dressed and she put her gown back on and showed me to the door. We kissed and she said she might want me round for another job doing soon. I can't wait.