Written by Matt

5 Aug 2016

It was about 4 on a Saturday afternoon and I was in one of the many tea shops in my large town. Tea shops are just as good as supermarkets and department stores for approaching lonely housewives for some extramarital sex. I'm a fit 37 years old divorced guy, and my 'ex' taught me well that variety, especially frequent variety, truly is the 'spice of life' when it comes to marital sex - actually, any sex.

I'm sitting there just starting my tea when in walk two women in their late 40s deep in conversation, the 'mousy' one listening intently to the tall, angular faced, dark blonde haired 'trophy wife' looking one with the great lean but curvy figure. The 'trophy wife' notices me and gives me a quick appraisal while still talking in a low voice with her friend who, upon closer inspection, is ordinary looking from the neck up, but who also is very attractive from there down.

The table set up is two or three tables in alcoves created by thick waist high dividing walls each topped by a solid row of tall house plants giving the illusion of privacy, but allowing a conversation at a table next to a divider to easily be overheard by people at a table next to the other side of the same divider. The two women pass by my table next to a divider and sit at the table just on the other side. Our tables are separated by only the one foot thick divider and I can hear them talk as plainly as if there was only air between us.

After they sit and order, the 'mousy' one asks as soon as the waitress departs, "So, tell me. I can't wait to hear what you started to tell me on the way in here. What happened yesterday?" Her friend replied with a long and animated story, "Well, you know that Harold, Manny's son by his 'ex', just got out of the army after four years and is living with us while he goes to university full time. He's been with us only a month, but has fitted in quite well with our routine. In fact, very well." Her friend gave a sarcastic laugh as she said, "Yeah, so I've heard. But do go on."

The trophy wife continued, "Don't interrupt. You're going to want to hear all the details. Manny had to leave early to supervise that construction job of new flats on the other side of town, so he nudges me awake at some God awful early hour for sex. After almost 20 years of marriage, he's only interested in satisfying himself. He usually gives me a rub and a tickle, and then wants to get in so he can come. But, yesterday, I slow him down and he actually fingers me, then eats me a bit, and then gets in me. I'm now about halfway aroused and, as he does me, I get fully aroused thinking about what's going to happen after he leaves for work, so I actually have a small come as he's gets himself off."

She pauses while they both drink some tea, then continues, "Afterward, Manny gets showered and dressed while I go back to sleep. I'm on my back with my short dressing gown still pushed up above my tits, and covered by only the thin sheet. On his way out, he gives me a peck on the lips as he gives my tits a final feel. I'm wide awake again and lie there waiting. Harold gives Manny about five minutes to make sure he doesn't return for something forgotten, and then he opens the bedroom door. During those five minutes I had thrown off the sheet and raised my knees and spread my legs in anticipation. Harold walks in stark naked with his hand loosely wrapped around that thick and wide 7 inch rock hard cock.

He's got that shit-eating grin on his face knowing that his 47 year old step mom can't wait to have his 22 year old cock in her. In addition to Manny's cum, my juices start to flow, so when I flex my hips at Harold in invitation, some more of Manny's cum drips out. Harold sees it as he gets closer to the bed and says in that wonderful sarcastically insolent way he has, 'I see my father got there first this morning. It's a good thing I don't mind sloppy seconds. Do you want to clean up a bit beforehand?' I give him a look of incredulidity as I say, 'Get in me - now! How long do you think I'm going to wait before I can feel that fabulous cock in me?'

They pause for some more tea, then the friend says, "OK, go on - go on. I'm getting wet just listening to you!" The wife continues, "He gives me a wide grin as he kneels on the bed and then slowly crawls up between my legs. I spread them even wider as he positions himself, then lowers his hips to mine and slides just the head inside. He paused there on his hands and knees, and teases me by moving the head in and out as he asks if I'm sure I want the rest of it. By now, I strung out tight as a wire as I wait for him to plunge the rest of that fabulous cock inside. Before I can tell him what I think of him for teasing me in my high state of arousal, he chuckles softly and slowly lowers his hips to meet my groin, and his cock goes up me all the way."

Another short pause and a quick gulp of tea, and she goes on, "I can't even begin to tell you how fabulous it felt going in, and then even more fabulous when it got all the way up me and he flexed his hips, trying to shove it in even further! He lowered his upper body to mine and kissed me. Within seconds, our tongues were sucking our mouths and his cock was fucking me so good. He did me for only a couple of minutes when I felt my come getting close. I told him I was close and he sped up into the short strokes and brought me off a few seconds later. I literally screamed out my come and he slows down. I know what's next so I slow down my hips and we fuck slowly for a while, then he speeds up and my body follows his lead. I soon feel another come getting close. I tell him and he speeds up like before and I come again, then he slows down.

I lost count how many serial comes he gave me that way before I had the big one as he came in me. He pumped an unbelievable amount of cum up me. I had forgotten how much cum a young man can spurt. I fell back and unwound my arms and legs from around him and he collapsed deliciously on me. I love the feel of a man's weight between my legs! We lay there for a while cuddling and kissing."

Another pause for some tea, then the friend anxiously asks, "Was that it, or was there more?" The wife answers, "More - much more. We fucked for another half hour or so with him between my legs, and then Harold has to go to class. As he leaves, he says to me to be there at lunch time. I grinned and assured him I would.

He returned for a quickie that lasted an hour. I came twice, or was it three times? Oh, well, I can’t remember, but it was wonderful. I was going to be home all afternoon anyway, so when he said he would be back around 3, I smiled and told him I would be there. He came back and gave me another series of comes fucking me on my back, then finished up by pounding me to a tremendous come 'doggy' style where he finally unloaded in me again as I screamed out the big one.

By this time, I was totally fucked out and I was sore down there so, of course, Manny wanted some when he got home just before dinner time. I put him off until bed time. By that time, my soreness was almost gone. While he pounded into me getting himself off, I imagined it was Harold in me and had another come. So, that was my day."

They sipped their tea until the friend asked, "Any way you would share Harold with me? I'm in the same boat as regards my husband. After 24 years of bedding me, he's losing interest in satisfying me and most times just goes for his own pleasure." The wife chuckled and said, "Maybe. But not just yet. I want to enjoy Harold for myself for a while yet. Maybe later."

My interest settled on the friend. They sat for a while chatting, then they finished their tea and rose to leave. As the wife was gathering her things, the friend moved a few feet toward the door thereby coming into my view. She glanced at me and I took the opportunity to look her up and down in a subtle and non-threatening manner, and then gave her my 'I'm interested' look as I smiled. She stared at me with sudden understanding and gave me a big smile. Then she followed the wife out the door.

She returned a few moments later, walked right up to me, and asked if I would be there the next Tuesday afternoon. I asked what time and she said 3 and I said, "Of course," That will be the next part of this story.